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If you already know you're destined for the firey pit then come laugh at our favorite dark humor memes with us.

Join us in Hell: Laugh at these dark humor memes with us

Hello, you dark humor meme lovers. It’s more meme time. This time these handpicked memes are all focused around the place we’re all probably going to with our senses of humor: Hell. Ah yes, the pits of lava, the screams of the damned, following the Devil around because you don’t really know anyone else. While we know where our souls are going, then it’s prime time to laugh about it, right? 

With the way the world is right now, why not just laugh at the darker things in life! These dark humor memes will probably have you grinning because, yeah, you may have a warped sense of humor. But hey, it’s yours and the Devil will probably appreciate your memes when you party on down to Hell.

Neither of those things are happening, Mother

Do we need Jesus, dark humor meme lovers? Probably. But have you considered? Shots. All of those shots. Just as good as church. 

Sure “angel”

Don’t tell them. Let St. Peter surprise them at the Pearly Gates, okay? Or, hey, maybe they’ll be coming to see you themselves. 

You have to love that human creativity

We’re even good at torturing each other. Of course, the guy who invented double ads on YouTube would be welcomed in Hell.

Get in losers, we’re going to Hell

You get the fan. You raise the brow. You wait for your friends to come to Hell. Hey, at least it’s eternal suffering together, right? Hell is other people and all that.

Look we know, okay?

People with dark humor know that it’s dark. We know where we’re going, but just let us have this, okay? C’mon!

Airports would be Hell, tbh

There is no pre-booking to Hell or a TSA prescreen. It’s just one long line because most of the metal detectors are broken. Ugh.


It’s been eons since Notre Dame burned, though it’s getting better. But, also, Frollo did some weird stuff with fire in that Church.

Venn Diagram

Download this and show this to your loved ones next time you make a joke that’s a couple of hairs darker than what they like.

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  • i love this ! i can finally have a good laugh

    October 29, 2020

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