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If a picture’s worth a thousand words, one can only imagine what comes to mind when faced with a meme. Here are funny dark humor jokes.

Do you like twisted jokes? Test your limits with these dark humor memes

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, one can only imagine what comes to mind when faced with a meme – especially one overflowing with some seriously dark humor. If you don’t want to be the first in the room owning up to your twisted sense of humor, take a moment to stare in silence at some of these dark humor memes – just go ahead and try. 

Thanos pays the price for comedy

At this point, you can’t accurately reflect 2020 without mentioning the COVID-19. And like when faced with a myriad of serious issues,  even a global pandemic can’t help but to bring out some of the funnies in all of us. Getting infected is no laughing matter, but going extreme to lengths can’t be without repercussions – just ask Thanos.  

It’s definitely a trap

Maybe old Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi didn’t always have the best in mind for Luke – but hey, give the kid a break. After all, it couldn’t have been easy growing up in the middle of the desert. 

Taking “you’ll put your eye out” to a whole new meaning, we’re sure that Ben only had the best intentions when he started training Luke as a Jedi. We’re certain Luke goes on to lose an arm, but an eye too? Is he playing Jedi knights or Jedi pirates? 

It’s not your fault

Like a bird flying into your window, some things you just know are beyond your control – even with that tiny seed of guilt planted in the back of your mind. No one wants to be the one passenger who doesn’t switch his or her phone into airplane mode – you know, like we’re sure everyone else remembers to do on every flight. 

Don’t worry, we doubt there’d be any real repercussions in forgetting – but why take the risk? If you really need the phone that bad, just pay for the wifi. It’s less expensive than a funeral. 

In their final moment 

Dark humor is timeless – unlike the human obsession to photograph everything and anything. We’re sure speakers at funeral services in the future will write their eulogies to change “and their last words were” to “and their last Insta post was.” We think the funniest part of this meme is its ability to capture a sad, believable reality. 

Good grief 

Mental health issues are not funny – but sometimes you need to look something dark right in the face and give it a laugh. Don’t mock the subject, mock the system, right? We’re glad to see her smiling, even amidst the horrifying circumstances – but it sounds like her counselor was doing some real life changing work. 

Life hacks: Instant fix fable

Don’t you just wish there was a simple solution to every problem – one that also couldn’t be misinterpreted or misconstrued in any way? We’re not sure what was down the well – but it definitely wasn’t friendly. 

Don’t worry though, the empty driveway is a clear indication no one was home for the house’s spontaneous combustion. Although, this kid definitely made a lot more work for themself – better get to work before your parents get home. 

Laugh and loss

Could you imagine a twisted scenario in which a serial killer bet your one, sacred life on your ability not to laugh? The situation is so dark it’s almost impossible not to fail while pondering the very absurdity of the proposal. Take a moment to clear your head, and whatever you do, don’t think of Patrick’s dad – he can’t help how he was drawn. 

Testing for infidelity

Of all the sad, strange ways to find out your partner is cheating on you – this would be at the very bottom of the list. It seems like this is one doctor who doesn’t subscribe to confidentiality – or boundaries. This level of darkness would’ve been enough for a one-way ticket to The Jerry Springer Show – if the patient doesn’t kill his doctor first. 

Monkey see, monkey don’t 

Look at the cute little monkey – we hope he’s not up to anything absolutely horrifying. Animal lovers beware, not every creature on this planet has the most innocent intentions – especially not this cartoon monkey. 

Another person driven to the edge by their obsession to grab a great photograph – we told you it was becoming a problem. We don’t know what’ll happen when the monkey runs out of space to mark tallies on its tree – but let’s just hope it doesn’t get that far.

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