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Discover the cost of abortion in Mexico after the recent decriminalization. Get the facts on this significant change. #AbortionCostMexico

Abortion is a topic that has always stirred up controversy and emotions. It's a complex issue with many different angles to consider, but one question that often arises

Roe vs. Wade has been overturned, now it's up to states to ban or protect abortions. Here's where abortion procedures are still legal in North America.

Women’s reproductive rights have been in the major headlines a great deal lately. Will Texas ever change its abortion law for the better?

Biden's Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas due to its abortion ban. Read if the DOJ can actually stop the abortion law.

Much of the world seems to be up in arms regarding Texas's new abortion laws. So, how are people spamming the snitches? With funny 'Shrek' memes, of course!