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Do you feel like saving money on your Amazon Prime subscription? We've found some great add-ons like Starz. Save your cash and get this all in one deal!

Starz: Upgrade your Amazon Prime subscription with these add-ons

People have always built bonds and made memories through sitting around a campfire and telling stories. Nowadays, our campfires are televisions, phones, and computers, meaning our stories have greater intricacy & elaboration. Amazon Prime makes the perfect story playlist giving you spectacular add-ons like Starz. 

The Prime Video Channels allow you to add subscriptions to third-party networks and streaming channels that don’t come with your Amazon Prime Video membership. Best of all, these channel add-ons are usually no more than fifteen dollars a month. 

Perhaps you want to save money on your streaming services. Amazon Prime gives you a sort of “all in one” deal. Just keep your Prime account and add on premium platforms like HBO and Starz. We’ll show you how. Think of Prime as your futuristic campfire. 

Prime Video Channels

Prime is no rookie to competition, so their aim is to limit your need for streaming subscriptions. They do this by simply giving you access to more movies and shows through what they call the Prime Video Channels.

With your standard Amazon Prime or Prime Video membership, why not add Prime Video Channels, monthly subscriptions you can tack onto your Amazon membership? 

For an extra monthly fee, usually ranging from six to fifteen dollars, you’ll get access to shows & movies from premium third-party networks and other streaming entertainment platforms without actually leaving your Amazon account. Your accessory premium platforms may include Starz, HBO, Showtime, sometimes even live TV and more, whichever you choose. 

Starz is home to such titles as the Power series, Outlander, Blindspotting, Luther and classics like Good Will Hunting, and Heat. Watch The Dark Knight Rises your next movie night or Tenet from HBO. Binge the entirety of Showtime’s Shameless

How to Add the Add-Ons

To have the Prime Video Channels, all you need is a Prime Video membership or Amazon Prime membership

With Prime Video alone, you’ll be paying nine dollars a month. If you wish to get the most out of your Amazon membership; however, which includes order and free shipping of just about any item you want, then you’ll want to go with the Amazon Prime subscription. 

Both memberships will give you access to the Prime Video Channels upon signing up. The whole platform line-up includes over one hundred and fifty channels including Shudder, Britbox, Discovery + and Paramount +. 

Most Popular Futuristic Campfires

We’re busy adults. We all have crazy schedules, but as the saying goes: “if you don’t take time for your wellness, you’ll be forced to take time for your illness.” Never forget to just take some time for you and your loved ones. With our modern day campfires, sometimes, it’s hard not to have a binge day or movie night. 

Some of the most popular Prime Video Channels include options like HBO Max giving you titles like Euphoria and The Little Things, and Showtime. Do you feel more comfortable testing things out before you pay for them? Most of these platforms will give you free trial periods too. 


There’s no set price for all, or a combination of, Prime’s add-ons. It really just depends on the platform but we’ll give you a breakdown of the most popular ones. 

HBO Max costs fifteen dollars a month. Starz costs nine dollars a month after their one-week trial. With Showtime, you’ll pay eleven dollars a month after their free trial. Paramount + is six dollars a month if you don’t mind the ad breaks and ten dollars with no commercials after their free week. After Cinefix’s free week, it’ll be ten dollars every month. 

You’ll never be forced to pay for platforms you don’t want or use, and you’ll be free to cancel anytime. 

Free Channels

Prime Video includes a free add-on. IMDb TV features many shows & movies, from throwbacks to binge-worthy shows. The platform also includes originals like The IMDb Show, taking you to more popular movies. 

You pay for it, so you deserve the most out of your Amazon Prime! Treat yourself to great add-ons like Starz & Showtime. Got any ideas on saving money for streaming? Don’t be a stranger, and let us know!

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