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Remember Trump's Space Force? No? Well, it still exists. Wonder why with the lovely folks over on Twitter with the reveal of the uniforms.

Trump’s Space Force still exists and now they have uniforms

Space Force is not a Netflix series, but an actual thing that exists in the year 2021. Yes, it continues to exist. See former President Donald Trump created the new military branch back in the day. Everyone thought it was a joke then, but, no, Trump’s Space Force continues to bafflingly exist. It’s still happening. We’re extremely confused by this whole situation.

Now, well, they have uniforms. How did the Internet react to them? Here’s everything that you need to know. 


Apparently not

How about healthcare?


Well they stole pretty much everything else from the Federation

The Trekkies are set. 



The Air Force is already the Space Force. 



Just put the money somewhere!


Wild times

Space Force was Trump’s thing. C’mon Biden. You have to see how dumb this is.


Smart move

Let’s figure things out first.



Yeah, we’re surprised it still exists too.



The essence of pure comedy.


Let’s end this

We think . . .  It’s time.



Well, apparently, someone liked it.

What do you think about Trump’s Space Force? Let us know in the comments. 

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