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Are the characters from Illumination's jukebox musical 'Sing' coming back for 'Sing 2'? See who's returning to the stage in this new movie.

‘Sing 2’: Which characters from the original animated movie will return?

Movies are coming back in a big way, and fans are stoked to get their butts in theatres and enjoy the magic of the movies once again. Furthermore, parents can’t wait to get their kids in theatres for a few hours of parenting-free bliss. One of the movies coming to families in 2021 started promotion today, and kids & parents alike are more than excited.

The Sing 2 trailer dropped today, and fans have finally been given clues to the long-awaited sequel to the 2016 hit family flick. However, fans are wondering if they’ll be seeing all of their old pals from Sing in the new flick, or if a bunch of their furry friends will be replaced by a zoo full of newbies. We’ve gathered all the favorites from Sing coming to Sing 2 when the film drops later this year.

Buster Moon

Alright, alright, alright – Matthew McConaughey will return as Buster Moon when Sing 2 comes to theaters in 2021. Of all the characters in Sing, none is more charming than the optimistic Koala who won our hearts in 2016.

Buster Moon will take the center stage of the story in Sing 2, following his starring position in the first film. Buster, however, is just one of the characters trying to get a new show to audiences in Sing 2.


Nick Kroll’s Gunter will be one of the classic Sing characters coming to the sequel this year. The enthusiastic dancing pig will be strutting his hoofs alongside the rest of the gang in Sing 2. Who knows – maybe he’ll be paired up with Rosita again for the crew’s new show.


Rosita is back in Sing 2, and Reese Witherspoon will return to voice the piggy favorite. In fact, if the trailer for Sing 2 is any indication, Rosita will take center stage in the new movie. The trailer shows Rosita may have some trouble facing her fears in capturing her dream of entering the spotlight, and she might even have to fly on a trapeze to get there.


Where would Sing be without Ash? Scar Jo herself is returning to Sing 2 to bring fans one of the most beloved characters from the original movie. 

The punk rock porcupine is showcased in the Sing 2 trailer laying the foundation for the story in telling Buster about legendary rock lion Clay Calloway, who will come into play in the sequel’s story. Scarlett Johansson will have some intimidating coworkers on the film, though – Calloway will be voiced by none other than Bono himself.


Don’t worry, there will be some seasoned singers returning to the Sing sequel, giving audiences some of the movie’s most talented characters. 

Meena the teen Indian elephant will return to shower us in song, voiced by the well-trained Tori Kelly. The character’s numbers haven’t been revealed yet, but we can only imagine they’ll be hand-picked for the singer’s well-oiled pipes.


Finally, the lovable angsty gorilla teen known as Johnny will be coming back for round two of Sing. Of all the characters, young audiences relate to Johnny’s burden of being expected to live up to his parents’ expectations, although his dreams are elsewhere.

Johnny looks like he’ll be coming out of his shell in Sing 2. The trailer shows us a clip in which our boy belts out a hot number in the middle of a restaurant. Oh yeah, and Taron Egerton is returning to make us all swoon as Johnny’s voice.

Sing 2 will bring back some of its most beloved characters, but a whole new slew of huge names will come along with them. However, you’ll have to check out the sequel when Sing 2 drops later this year to find out who’s joining the gang.

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