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Here are the top 10 actors that started with indie films, from Ellen Page in 'Hard Candy' to Jesse Eisenberg in 'The Squid and the Whale'.

It’s only been a year since Scarlett Johansson’s disastrous role in the movie adaptation of 'Ghost in the Shell', in which she portrayed a Japanese character and became

Here’s our ranking of the seven female filmmakers we’d most like to see direct the 'Black Widow' movie.

Germaine Greer has been in the press recently saying she thinks “most rapes are just bad sex.” While this is clearly the kind of nonsense horseshit that is

Girls trip comedy 'Ibiza' will arrive on Netflix this Friday. It looks like one hell of a raucous, raunchy good time. In celebration, here’s our ranking of the

Make no mistake, a lot of these movies aren’t all bad – but if only to annoy the science community, here are some of the things sci-fi films

Could movies exist without a well-crafted score? For many of the great auteurs, music and film go hand in hand – you simply can’t build one without the

John Cameron Mitchell’s punk sci-fi romance 'How to Talk to Girls at Parties' is finally released in theaters this week and we can’t wait to see it. In

Rob Greenberg’s gender-swapped remake of the classic romantic comedy 'Overboard' is officially open in theaters so you can get all of your hot takes at the ready as