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‘The Descent is Easy’: Save ‘Shadowhunters’ short film, Pt. 2

We already know Shadowhunters is a love that knows no bounds and the fandom is expressing their feelings in a myriad of beautiful languages online. After another day of scrolling Twitter, we had an idea: to make a short film about the Shadowhunters fandom we can use to show decision-makers how vital this TV show really is. We released the first part of this heartfelt film last week, and as promised, part two of your love notes to Shadowhunters is here now! 

Whether you’ve been living under a rock or you just don’t check out your feed very often, you might not know our fandom favorite Shadowhunters has been canceled. We’ve been working alongside the fandom for over a year to provide a platform for the #SaveShadowhunters campaign.

We’ve already ascertained that Shadowhunters is being held hostage by a certain production company and that we need to get strategic in the fight to save our show. We’re all doing our very best to raise awareness of the #SaveShadowhunters campaign and we’ve got lots of ideas about how we can work together to continue the fight.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the second installment of our fandom film, we promise we’ll be back with more and we’ll keep shouting about why Shadowhunters needs to be saved. Thanks to everyone who submitted their thoughts, we’ll feature every single one of you leaving no #Shadowfam behind.

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