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'Bridgerton' is surely Netflix's most record-beating show, but is it the hottest too? Witness the sexiest and steamiest moments season 2 has to offer us!

The sexiest moments in Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ season 2

Bridgerton is surely Netflix’s most record-beating show, but is it the hottest too? If you don’t have a Netflix account, you don’t have to worry, we count on several articles on how to free-watch anything you can think of. Bridgerton season two is now available on Netflix officially, and if you haven’t watched this Shonda Rhimes beautiful creation it’s all about the British bourgeoisie marriage hunt. 

It looks like movies & T.V shows are quickly becoming all about sex scenes, which is entertaining but also has its social implications and must be watched critically. It’s important to portray sexuality, even more, when we think of the ridiculous amount of years this part of human life got completely censored. Yet, it’s also a fact we’re somehow falling into a hypersexualization era, just think of Euphoria

Not to scare you, but from 1930 to almost 1970 there was a horrible thing called the Hays Code which was basically a censorship protocol all movies should have. Just think that Bridgerton is settled in London’s Regency period which occurred from 1811 to 1820. Netflix Bridgerton is a transgressor in many ways, this is why steamy scenes couldn’t be missing, we’ll give you a sneak peek of the best ones.

Bridgerton season two 

Even though this is an article on sexy moments of your favorite Netflix show, we should surely disclaim first that Bridgerton season two isn’t as hot as season one. So, if you’re precisely looking for steamy T.V. shows to watch on Netflix, we can recommend other series like Elite or She’s Gotta Have It. Yet, please watch Bridgerton once you’ve satiated your sex-scenes need. 

Season two is all about Anthony, the Bridgerton family’s eldest brother, who is looking to get married no matter what. This isn’t a game Anthony is playing on love, but to finally get his father’s title, so he’s looking for a lady to “wed bed, and bread”. Yet, let’s have in mind that this context is all about royal titles, so whoever Queen Charlotte declares as Diamond of the first water will be Anthony’s choice. 

Even though this season isn’t the sexiest one, it surely has sexy moments, can you name a recent T.V. show that doesn’t? Bridgeton season two is full of intimate and overall teasing moments, so, if you’re a fan of that you’ll love the show. However, in order to watch a formal sex scene, you’ll have to wait till episode seven, at the end. Before that, all you’ll watch are sexy whispers & kisses between Anthony & Kate.

Let’s talk about this much-awaited episode!

Season 2 Episode 7

Several things happen in this episode, if you’ve watched the show remember we’re landing from the disastrous Sharma wedding. In this event, Edwina realized Anthony’s connection to her sister the moment they were already standing at the altar. Also, remember British socialites are all about appearances so Lady Violet tries to convince everyone things are good between families through a ball. 

If you really don’t care about Bridgertons plot and come to this article straight to watch sexy scenes tune in since minute fifty, yet, this is a worth-watching episode. Besides, a lot of teasing happens at the beginning involving several young ladies in the town. Just for the record, this episode includes a scene where Anthony’s face is between Kate’s thighs.

Why is there a lack of sex scenes?

The million-dollar question is why would sex scenes decrease instead of staying or increasing? Well, there are several reasons behind the Shondaland writing team. If you like Bridgerton enough you should know it’s based on Julia Quinn’s book The Viscount Who Loved Me. As in every adaptation, several things change in the profit of capitalizing on the biggest amount of episodes. 

It looks like this season wanted to delay Anthony & Kate’s way to the altar and give the audience seven teasing chapters instead. However, according to several sources that base their Bridgerton predictions on the original book, apparently, the sexy vibes of season one will be gone forever. Still, Bridgerton is a Netflix production so you’ll never completely miss sexy moments.

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