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Waiting desperately for 'Outlander' season 6? First, let's rewind the wildest sex scenes of the show. Would season 6 be as steamy as the other ones?

Waiting for season 6? Relive ‘Outlander”s wildest sex scenes

If you’ve ever stumbled upon an eerie pagan ritual site only to be magically whisked away back through time to 1743, then your life is oddly similar to Claire Randall. In 1945, Claire Randall and her husband Frank Randall were on holiday in Inverness, Scotland to rekindle their romance after serving five years in the war. 

Frank is a history buff and took Claire to explore old ruins. Here, Claire travels back in time by the ancient standing stones at Craigh Na Dun of Scotland. Yet, before Claire magically arrives in the year 1743, the series focuses on Claire & Frank’s short but sexy time together in 1945.

Outlander sex scenes have made a reputation for hot and heavy moments fogging up the television screen. The Starz series Outlander is full of war, handsome wounded Scottish soldiers, and dare we say it? Wild sex scenes. As fans await the 6th season, let us relive Outlander’s steamiest moments. 

Mrs. Randall has lost her undergarments

Attempting to reignite their marital spark, Claire & Frank went on a “second honeymoon” to the northern part of Scotland. Raised by her archaeologist uncle, Claire shares her husband’s curiosity for the past, so together, they explore castle ruins while discussing 18th-century battles & events. 

Rummaging inside an abandoned castle, the dark-haired beauty seduces her husband by playfully lifting up her dress while giving a come hither look. Frank responds, “Why Mrs. Randall, I do believe you left your undergarments at home.” Claire sits on a rickety old table, as Frank spreads open her legs and embarks on his own form of excavation. 

Time apart can really spice things up for a couple. Frank & Claire were aware that the war very possibly made them into new people, it was through sex that they built a “bridge back to one another.” 

Frank sees a man outside their bed & breakfast observing Claire through a window. He inquires if Claire had made “connections” with anyone during the war. Claire denies any infidelity. Frank reassures her that even if there had been extra-marital relations, there would be nothing she could do that would make him love her less. 

Such a declaration of love led to Mr. Randall taking Claire in his arms and . . . well – you know, and this time on a boring bed. Frank & Claire’s love for each other is undeniable, but it comes to a halting stop when an old legend soon becomes Claire’s reality. 

Claire & Jamie’s wedding night 

In the 18th century, Claire finds herself trying to survive the time period’s many perils. Accused of being a Scottish sympathizer and deserter of the British crown, Claire is in danger of being taken into the custody of the notorious Captain Jonathan Randall.  

Due to Randall’s reputation for horrific violence, the MacKenzie clan were certain that if they handed Claire to the Red Coats as requested, she would likely be the victim of unspeakable acts. Therefore, to ensure her safety, the men (despite their suspicion of her), conjured up an arranged marriage to secure her legal protection from British law. 

Claire is betrothed to Jamie Fraser — making her a true Scott and officially out of England’s jurisdiction. However, by law, the union is only valid if witnesses reside in the same building while the marriage is consummated. At first, Claire struggles with the idea of intimacy with another person besides her husband, (who is still looking for her in the year 1945). She proceeds with the wedding anyway.  

Claire & Jamie’s initial interaction is awkward. Jamie is a virgin and is surprised people have sex face to face. He assumes humans have sex the way horses do — from behind. Since Claire is a little more experienced, she positions them in a standard missionary for their first time. 

On their second round, the heat turns up when Claire requests to see Jamie naked. She begins by slightly caressing his muscular body, then sensually bites Jaimie’s body as she ventures downward. The camera focuses on Jamie’s “Oh”  face, a sensation he’s never experienced before. Outlander sex scenes commence once again as Jamie & Claire begin a “doing it everywhere phase” all over Scottish green pastures.     

A moonlit pregnancy

In season two, Outlander sets the mood with a beautiful moonlit pregnancy sex scene. By this time, Jamie is aware of his time-traveling wife and is concerned about her and his unborn child’s safety.  

According to Oprah Daily, “When it becomes clear that the Battle of Culloden is still happening despite Jamie and Claire’s best efforts, Jamie insists that a pregnant Claire return to her original time and travel back through the stones where she’ll be safe.”

Before they part, passionate lovemaking ensues one last time before Claire returns to the 1940s. Claire climbs on top of her husband in a very aesthetically pleasing nighttime glow. 

While straddling Jamie, he lovingly touches her belly.  Claire says, “Come find me, Jamie . . . find us.”  With hopes to reunite one day, Jamie takes her to the standing stones at Craigh Na Dun parting ways — a heartwrenching scene.  

“Do it now, and don’t be gentle.” 

In season three, Claire & Jamie spend two decades apart as they reunite in the 18th century again. Their reunion is filled with built-up sexual tension as she tells her husband, “Do it now, and don’t be gentle.” And with that, our lustful Outlander sex scenes were back.

Claire & Jamie’s signature slow removal of clothes and heavy panting reminds fans that Outlander is no amateur when it comes to hot under-the-collar sex scenes. They sort of fumble their way to the bed, accidentally hitting Claire on the nose but that doesn’t prevent Jamie from fulfilling his wife’s request.

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