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Rewatching Netflix's 'Outlander'? The locales of 'Outlander' are utterly gorgeous. Here are the gorgeous Scottish locations you should visit.

Watching Netflix’s ‘Outlander’? Visit these gorgeous Scottish locations

Outlander is a series that has many things working in its favor. From the love story of Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) to the gorgeous costumes, there’s something for everyone in these sweeping epic series based on the Diana Gabaldon novels. With Outlander on Netflix and having wrapped up its fifth season on Starz, people are diving into the series wholeheartedly.

Why shouldn’t they? The locales of Outlander are utterly gorgeous: lush greenery that would make anyone swoon. They’re just utterly gorgeous to behold. While there are plenty of Outlander tours out there. 

If you want to hop over to Scotland after the COVID-19 pandemic has calmed down, then these locations are a must for any Outlander fan.

Kinloch Rannoch 

We would be remiss not to start this list without the most iconic location in all of Outlander: Craigh na Dun. In the series, this location is what sends Claire (and others) time travelling back to the past through the stones. While Craigh na Dun is not a real place, you can still visit the location where filming takes place: Kinloch Rannoch.

While the public is allowed to visit the location, it is technically private land. So if the owners ask you to leave, then you better should. Despite this warning, it is a lovely locale that is well worth the trip for any fan of Outlander. While there are no stones there, you should be able to still recognize the site where they stand easily enough.

Midhope Castle 

Want to imagine swooning into Jaime Fraser’s arms? Then head over to Midhope Castle, which will be recognizable to Outlander fans as Lallybroch. This 16th-century castle is just outside of Edinburgh on the Hopetoun Estate. If you want a view that is similar to what you know from Outlander Netflix binges, then enter on the north gate.

You can’t go into the castle because of safety concerns. Visitors, however, are more welcome to explore the outside of the castle along with the courtyard. The courtyard is a must-see for Outlander fans. Period.


Fans will recognize this charming and beautiful village as the honeymoon destination in the 1940s for Claire and Frank (Tobias Mezies). The town is absolutely gorgeous to stroll through. It’s also full of some interesting history in its own right with ties to the Stewarts and the Restoration. It also is the first conservation area dedicated to Scotland during the 1970s.

While not having a tie to Claire and Jamie, Falkland will give you the Outlander thrill and also let you explore one of the most beautiful places in Scotland. It seriously looks like something out of a picture book. 

Dean Castle 

Jaime’s grandfather may have been a character we love to hate, but we can agree that the Beaufort Estate was something to behold. Dean Castle served as the filming location for Outlander. And there’s a bit of irony in using Dean Castle for that purpose. As we remember from the show, Jaime’s grandfather Lord Lovat (Clive Russell) refused to lend support for Bonnie Prince Charles (Andrew Gower).

In real life, Dean Castle was given to Robert Boyd for his service in the Scottish Wars of Independence and was held in the family for centuries. Up until the final Lord Boyd, who was executed for supporting Bonnie Prince Charles in the Second Jacobite War.

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