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Jamie Fraser from Starz's 'Outlander' is truly the ideal man. We had to make a list of our favorite hottest moments from 'Outlander'.

All the hottest Jamie Fraser moments from ‘Outlander’

Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) from Starz’s Outlander is truly the ideal man. He is handsome, he is brave, he is surprisingly open-minded about time travel for a man of the 18th century. He also has so many hobbies; supporting Jacobite causes, supporting American revolutionary causes, stabbing, riding horses, print-making, murder, one-man rescue attempts, and wearing the heck out of a kilt. 

He is sexy and covered in knitwear and it is almost too much to bear. It is challenging to pick just one moment that defines his sexiness, which is why we had to make a list of our favorite moments.

We loved him since the moment we saw him

A good meet-cute is hard to pull off successfully, and is there any meet-cute better than the introduction between Jamie and Claire (Caitriona Balfe)  in the pilot for the first season? 

She is confused, he is dying, they are both on a horse–romance truly does not get better than that.

He has a catchphrase

Watching Jamie reference his family motto “Je suis prest” before he heads off on another reckless, dangerous, borderline insane adventure almost makes us want to download Duolingo again to work on our French in an attempt to keep up with him.

The phrase is Norman French for “I am ready,” and never has a phrase so aptly applied to a character before in all of film. Jamie Fraser is ready to fight bears, invade castles, woo pretty ladies, and stage revolutions at a moment’s notice, and he’s going to look good while he’s doing it.

He fights bears!

Okay, so it wasn’t an actual bear, but rather a man in a bear suit, but we love that Jamie was ready to risk it all in a man versus nature showdown. This is a man with absolutely no sense of self-preservation and we could not find it more appealing.

In “The Gathering,” Jamie and Claire are marking off the property lines of their new homestead that they took from Native Americans (which is not sexy! Stealing land is wrong and loses you sexiness points), their camp is attacked by what they believe to be nature’s 12th-scariest animal.

Jamie Fraser has never met a person, animal, or force of nature he was unwilling to fight, particularly if the odds were stacked against him, and he immediately sets off after it. 

As it turns out, the bear is just an angry man in a bear suit, in a scarier version of that one scene from The Shining that is burned into our brains. Still though, Jamie’s willingness to face down any threat to him and his family is swoon-worthy.

The wedding night, obviously

It was the episode that sparked 1,000 thinkpiece articles about “the female gaze,” and it still holds up as an exceptional hour of television. In season 1, episode 7 “The Wedding,” Jamie and Claire are forced into a marriage of convenience that turns into the driving love story of the show.

The marriage began with a shaky start, and the night involved several sex scenes with varying levels of success, but their second time together proved Jamie was a very quick learner.

We respect and stan a man who murders the worst character in the entire series

The third season premiere, “The Battle Joined,” does not waste any time with setting up the drama for the upcoming season. It takes place on a battlefield, as the title accurately implies, with Jamie facing off against Blackjack Randall (Tobias Menzies) at Culloden.

This is not Jamie at his peak sexiness, because he is bleeding out on a battlefield and close to death, but this scene ranks very highly on this list for one key reason:

Jamie impales the murderous, rapist, dirtbag Blackjack with a sword, and we’ve never found him more attractive.

Blackjack is the closest thing to the devil on earth, and had tortured Jamie for years leading up to the show’s premiere. Jamie earns 10 million sexiness points for dispatching the worst character in the entire series, which is saying a lot, as Outlander is both a book and television series that is packed with villainous monsters.

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