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Grab some hot chocolate and watch Lifetime's 'Secretly Santa'! See this love story unravel as two business rivals unknowingly fall for each other.

Get cozy and watch Lifetime’s ‘Secretly Santa’ online ASAP

As the holidays come around, people are pouring hot cocoa and cuddling up with loved ones — eager to watch a great Christmas flick. If the holiday classics have already been exhausted, Lifetime’s Secretly Santa won’t disappoint. 

As the Lifetime Channel is known for movies like Obsession: Stalked By My Lover, Obsession: Escaping My Ex, and Obsession: Her Final Vengeance, (which are a little less jolly) they also have a wonderful line up of original Christmas movies.   

Check them out by signing up for Philo’s streaming service seven-day trial. Another way would be to enter a TV provider and watch Secretly Santa on the Lifetime website. The Christmas film premiered on Monday, December 6th, so it’s ready to stream now!

What is ‘Secretly Santa’ about?

Secretly Santa is a Christmas romance featuring Miranda (Alicia Dea Josipovic) & Paul (Travis Nelson) who are two business rivals that meet anonymously at a costumed Santa Crawl. They enjoy each other’s company, having a blissfully romantic night without ever exchanging names. 

As they get separated, they are left to wonder who was behind that Santa and Mrs. Clause disguise. As fate would have it, their start-up companies merge together putting them face to face with their Santa Crawl crush without knowing it. Yet, their professional relationship is met with turbulence & arguments. 

Simultaneously, Miranda & Paul find each other online via a Facebook post that Paul posted to the Santa Crawl page. They begin messaging each other under their Christmas aliases where they continue their romantic relationship.

Their anonymous love connection flourishes, unaware they are working side by side essentially loathing each other. As the synopsis concludes, “As they clash while working together on a holiday gift-giving app, their hearts must reconcile their online love when unexpected feelings develop for one another.”

This hallmark movie also contains a second storyline. Niki Swift quotes Alicia Dea Josipovic, “And I think it’s a little bit different too, right? Because there’s an LGBTQ storyline that happens, and this is kind of the first that we’re seeing in these Lifetime and Hallmark films. There’s a lot of diversity too. So yeah, this one’s definitely going to stand out more than some of the other films.”

Behind the scenes 

Degrassi: The Next Generation’s Alicia Dea Josipovic revealed that she’s always wanted to do a Christmas movie. Although this is her premiere debut with Lifetime, she hopes there’ll be a sequel. 

In an interview with Nicki Swift, Josipovic explained that when she saw the script for Secretly Santa, she was instantly attracted to the character she would portray. “I just was drawn to Miranda because she’s just such a hustler. She’s an everyday girl, but she’s also a hustler, and she’s got a lot of heart. And she’s this strong, independent woman who stands up for what she believes in.”

Josipovic also explains that she and Paul have great chemistry off camera and have become very close friends. According to her interview, Nelson & Jospivoic hit off on set from day one.


“We had great chemistry. We became super, super close on set and so it was awesome. It’s nice having that, working with somebody who you want to see on set every day and that you can bounce ideas off of. He was great. He was wonderful.”

As Miranda (Alicia Dea Josipovic) & Paul (Travis Nelson) fall in love on a romantic night spent at a Santa Crawl, do they finally realize that their mystery love is actually their business rival in time for Christmas? Grab that blanket, cozy up, and turn on Secretly Santa to find out. 

This love/hate relationship romantic comedy makes for a great holiday seasonal flick. Watch Secretly Santa on Philo by signing up for a free seven-day trial or logging onto the Lifetime website and entering your TV provider information.

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