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Get ready for Christmas and check out Lifetime's 'Hot Chocolate Holiday'! Here's how to watch the sweet romance movie online now (hot chocolate required).

Satisfy your sweet tooth: Watch ‘Hot Chocolate Holiday’ online now

Christmas is steadily approaching, which means presents, good food, and holiday-themed movies. TV channels like Hallmark & Lifetime have become synonymous with Christmas movies. This year is no exception, as the networks started airing holly jolly films even before Halloween. Lifetime has one film in particular that’s chock full of rom-com Christmas fun. 

For those that want to get into the holiday spirit with a movie, look no further than Hot Chocolate Holiday. This television film from Lifetime is one of the network’s big Christmas features this year. This is due to the fact that it’s set to premiere on Christmas Eve at 7 p.m. central time. Yet if you want to watch it online before then, you just might be able to.

Hot Chocolate Holiday’s initial release 

According to Hot Chocolate Holiday’s IMDb page, the film was originally released on December 23rd, 2020 in Italy. So for you Italians out there reading this, there’s a chance you’ve already seen Hot Chocolate Holiday. However, if you don’t live in Italy & haven’t seen Hot Chocolate Holiday, then you’ll be able to watch it online before its wider release.

The fact that this Lifetime film was released overseas already is great news for those of you that like to watch free movies online. Hot Chocolate Holiday has already been pirated & is only a search away. Yet is the movie worth watching in the first place?

What’s Hot Chocolate Holiday about?

The Lifetime website, which is run by parent company A+E Networks, says that Hot Chocolate Holiday stars Aubrey Reynolds & Jonny Swenson. The film’s plot centers on small-business owner Colette (Reynolds), who runs a coffee shop. Even though coffee is her career, people come to her because she makes delectable hot cocoa that she sells secretly.

Colette faces competition when dessert maker Marcus (Swenson) starts selling hot chocolate that’s indistinguishable from hers. As Marcus starts to steal her clientele, Colette sets out to expose Marcus for stealing her family recipe. Despite her intent, Colette starts to feel that she has romantic chemistry with Marcus. She must decide whether or not she wants to bring him down.

Production notes on Hot Chocolate Holiday 

Hot Chocolate Holiday is produced for Lifetime by Silver Peak Productions & Candlelight Media Group. The executive producers on the movie are AJC Pennyworth & Elisa Jan, who’ve worked on Christmas Angel & Singing with Angels respectively. Hot Chocolate Holiday is written by Brittany Wiscombe, who also wrote Timeless Love & Austentatious.

Hot Chocolate Holiday is directed by Brian Brough, who’s also directed Scents and Sensibility, Nowhere Safe, and An Hour Behind. The female lead Aubrey Reynolds has appeared in films like Frenzy, Secrets in the Snow, and Escape: Puzzle of Fear. Jonny Swenson, who plays Marcus, has been in Echo Boomers & Lights, Camera, Romance.

Where can I watch Hot Chocolate Holiday online?

Because Hot Chocolate Holiday premiered in Italy a year ago, there are a number of places online where you can view it free of charge. Before diving in, you can check out the trailer on Vimeo to see if the movie is right for you. You can stream Hot Chocolate Holiday online using the website There’s also more information about links to watch on 

If you have trouble finding a way to watch Hot Chocolate Holiday online, you can also catch the Lifetime premiere on Friday, December 24th, 2021. Check out Lifetime for more Christmas movies like this playing all month long.

If you can’t wait until Christmas Eve to unwrap Hot Chocolate Holiday, then there are ways to watch it online. Just don’t wait until this Lifetime Christmas movie gets cold. What’s your favorite holiday film? Let us know in the comment section! 

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