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Need a romance film to warm your heart during the holidays? Check out the upcoming movie 'A Christmas Stray' and where you can watch it this Christmas.

Puppy love: How to stream pet-friendly romance ‘A Christmas Stray’

We’re really looking forward to all the new holiday movies coming out this year! There’s always a wondrous heap of new Christmas specials released in December, and they’re always just the perfect cozy and heartwarming movies needed for the winter holidays.

One of the holiday movies we’ve been looking forward to is A Christmas Stray from the Oprah Winfrey Network. Are you wondering what exactly is OWN, and where does A Christmas Stray come in? Let’s look into it together.

OWN For The Holidays: a history

The Oprah Winfrey Network started their Christmas specials in 2019, announcing the OWN For The Holidays program block. They came out with three specials: One Fine Christmas, Carole’s Christmas, and Baking Christmas. All were original Christmas movies that came out throughout the month of November.

It seems that the program was a success because they returned in 2020, turning OWN For The Holidays into an annual tradition. That year, three more movies came out, this time releasing throughout December: A Christmas For Mary, Cooking Up Christmas, and First Christmas.

Now, in 2021, OWN For The Holidays has seen a little bit of an upgrade. According to their website, “This year the holidays are sweeter than ever at OWN! With our first ever cooking competition and three original holiday movies, this new slate of holiday programming is bringing you all the joy and delicious bites for a very merry holiday season!”

This year, we have The Big Holiday Food Fight, an episodic series, and three more movies once again: A Chestnut Family Christmas, A Sisterly Christmas, and A Christmas Stray. The latter is the movie we’re dying to know more about.

So let’s dig into A Christmas Stray, shall we?

About A Christmas Stray

The new production, according to the OWN For The Holidays’ website, can be summarized thusly: “A tightly-wound corporate executive, finds himself hopelessly stranded in a small mountain town on Christmas Eve, unable to shake the adorable stray dog who ran him off the road, and irresistibly drawn to the free-spirited, local veterinarian who is sorely in need of some Christmas magic herself.”

Andra Fuller stars as the “tightly-wound corporate executive”, Ethan, and Rhyon Nichole Brown plays the veterinarian, Foster. The film is directed by Roger M. Bobb, who’s most well known for producing many Tyler Perry films, as well as making TV movies for BET & OWN. This is nowhere near Bobb’s first rodeo—he’s even president of his own production company, Bobbcat Films.

Wait, what is A Christmas Stray?

Now, it’s a little hard to tell what A Christmas Stray actually is. This is because, on the OWN For The Holidays 2021’s website, A Christmas Stray is listed under the “2021 Holiday Movies” list. But on its linked page (First Look: A Christmas Stray Trailer), we are told to watch “the season premiere” on December 14. Which is it, Oprah Winfrey? We’re a bit confused. And the trailer doesn’t give any answers, either. . .

Perhaps we can find the answers if we dig a little deeper. After finding the press release for the movie on Discovery, we can see that it is being produced “in association with Harpo Films.” However, A Christmas Stray is said to have one “season” on its Amazon page. This just gets stranger & stranger. . .

Oh well. Regardless of what it turns out to be, we’re looking forward to seeing this movie.

Where to watch A Christmas Stray

A Christmas Stray premieres December 14th, 2021 on OWN, at 9 pm Eastern Time & Pacific Time. OWN’s website claims that A Christmas Stray can only be found on the network, but by doing further research, we can see that the movie/series will also be viewable on Discovery+.

What do you think of A Christmas Stray? Have you watched the Oprah Winfrey Network’s past OWN For The Holidays programs? Let us know in the comments & replies below!

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