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Have yourself a merry little. . . brain teaser? Test your knowledge of Christmas films and see what you know about elves, Scrooge, and all things HO HO HO!

Christmas Teaser – Can You Guess The Film?

Christmas films are a staple of a great festive season, and whether it is a comedy or an action movie, they can really add to the festive mood. 

We sit around with the chocolate tin and enjoy the sometimes-anarchic adventures of our favourite characters, from The Grinch to Scrooge to Elf. Then there are those lost in the romance and the heart-warming emotions of family coming together.

While there is nothing better than a movie at Christmas, you can ramp up the excitement by adding in a quiz – oh, and some funky graphics too. We thought we would bring all the classic components of Xmas onto one sparkling page.

christmas films

With our Christmas Movie Picture quiz, it is time to summon up all your knowledge of movies past and present to test yourself against the best. Only 20% of participants have managed to guess all thirteen films. Are you up to the challenge?

You can try the quiz on your own and feel smug when you are right. Or you can make it into an event.

Yes, that’s right. Gather friends and family, one and all, and organize some fun.  It is time to huddle together in small groups, offer a chocolate (or boozy for the adults) prize, and set the clock ticking. Whether it is a strange grinning green Santa or an explosion at the top of a high rise, the clues are there to guess the film.

christmas films

Now, there are some safety precautions to put in place when introducing a Christmas movie quiz to your list of entertainment. First, make sure you hide the sherry from Aunty Violet and don’t put your mum and dad in opposing teams. 

Make sure when it all gets super competitive, which it will, you play a soothing melody to return the jolly mood. Oh, and let the kid in the room get one of the answers right – Christmas is for children after all (apparently).

When the quiz is over or when you have all become frustrated by the odd one or two, you can scroll down the page, revealing all the answers. You can make a big fanfare of revealing the answers and then choose one of these classics to continue the fun.

christmas films

Oh, and yes, two movies will cause debate. Are they really Christmas movies…? You can always throw that discussion into the mix with the mince pies.


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