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Get into the Christmas spirit and dive into the cozy romance of Lifetime holiday movies! Here's how to stream the upcoming movie 'Candy Cane Candidate'.

Merry Christmas: How can you stream ‘Candy Cane Candidate’ free?

Lifetime has always been an excellent distributor of slightly cheesy (yet undeniably heartwarming) romance movies. Let’s face it, we all watch them. And that’s no different during the Christmas season, where Lifetime releases a heaping amount of swoon-worthy films just for our guilty pleasure enjoyment.

We want to highlight one rom-com that’s caught our eye, Candy Cane Candidate. But first, let’s go over all the details of Lifetime’s holiday block and see what other films are coming out this holiday season.

The “It’s A Wonderful Lifetime” program block

The Lifetime Network started the “It’s A Wonderful Lifetime” event in 2012, airing holiday specials and premiering new Christmas movies from October to December. That year, they released ten new films for the winter season, and it appears that the new event was quite a success. “It’s A Wonderful Lifetime” has continued every year since then (despite the bad title) and is still a hit with its target audience.

In 2021, we have plenty of new holiday movies coming to us via Lifetime. For November, we had An Ice Wine Christmas, A Picture Perfect Holiday, Dancing Through The Snow, You Make It Feel Like Christmas, Baking Spirits Bright, Reba McEntire’s Christmas In Tune, Merry Liddle Christmas Baby, Miracle In Motor City, Welcome To The Christmas Family Reunion, and Saying Yes To Christmas.

For the first half of December, we have Match Made In Mistletoe, A Christmas Village Romance, A Christmas Dance Reunion, Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas, My Favorite Christmas Melody, Secretly Santa, Christmas Movie Magic, Christmas With A Crown, A Fiancé For Christmas, Holiday In Santa Fe, The Holiday Fix Up, People Presents: Blending Christmas, Maps & Mistletoe, and Ghosts Of Christmas Past.

Then we have The Enchanted Christmas Cake, Christmas By Chance, Mistletoe In Montana, Toying With The Holidays, Under The Christmas Tree, Candy Cane Candidate, The Christmas Ball, It Takes A Christmas Village, Rebuilding A Dream Christmas, Hot Chocolate Holiday, and Writing Around The Christmas Tree.

That’s a lot of Christmas movies! And of all of them, Candy Cane Candidate is our hot topic today. Let’s dive into this movie and see what it has to offer, shall we?

About Candy Cane Candidate

Candy Cane Candidate follows Julia, a “natural-born leader” who ran for the city council — and lost spectacularly. She wants to come home for Christmas and forget about her problems but returning to where she grew up means running into her “high school rival”, Parker. He’s the one who beat her for class president in senior year — and he has quite the big head.

But then, the town’s mayor resigns, resulting in an emergency election that brings Julia & Parker head-to-head once again. At first, the two rivals clash, but the more they work their way through the holiday season, the more they start to understand each other. Can love bloom in times like these?

Julia is played by Jacky Lai, a Canadian actress who has starred in a number of TV movies but recently hit her big break by playing Kaylee Vo in V-Wars. Unfortunately, V-Wars was canceled after just one season. Lai has continued onward, and hopefully landing the starring role in Candy Cane Candidate will get her future success.

Parker is played by Jake Epstein, another Canadian who has starred on the theater stage and on the big screen. He got his start in a small production of Our Town, then hit it big by playing Craig Manning on Degrassi: The Next Generation for seven years. He has continued to find success and is even starring in another holiday movie this year, Eight Gifts Of Hanukkah. He’s also set to star in the third season of The Umbrella Academy.

So that’s everything we need to know about Candy Cane Candidate. So where can we watch this new movie?

Where can we watch Candy Cane Candidate?

Candy Cane Candidate is set to air on December 20th, 2021 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Central Time. But if you don’t want to tune into the airing, how else can you watch it?

You can stream the movies via Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Apple TV. You can also watch it via SlingTV, Hulu Live TV, Philo, Vidgo, or Fubo TV. Lifetime also offers its own method via the Lifetime Movie Club, a streaming subscription service that lets you see all their films. Finally, a few specific Lifetime movies are rentable on Amazon.

We can’t wait to see Candy Cane Candidate, and hope you find a way to watch this holiday movie with us.

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