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Have you ever heard of the Scottish Fold Munchkin cat? So, what’s going on with this guy? Grab your nearest furry friend and let’s find out! 

Are Scottish Folds friendly? This munchkin cat can’t live without his owner

Sometimes, you have to wonder about the human condition. It’s easy to see ourselves as separate from the animal kingdom, and perhaps we are in a sense. But when you give it further thought, are we really? Like it or not, we’re animals. And we’re more than capable of living in peace with other animals. We’ve seen it. Sometimes, the peace is so great, we find ourselves making friends with animals – hence, pets exist. 

Pets tend to make great friends. We can even go as far as saying they’re better than our fellow human friends sometimes! Have you ever heard of the Scottish fold munchkin cat? When this one hears friendship, they mean business. 

Friendship is a very valuable thing, even when the species are not the same, and this one Scottish fold isn’t letting her owner forget it! You may have seen the viral video of the cute, sad cat in a desk. So, what’s going on with this munchkin cat? Grab your nearest furry friend and let’s find out! 

Scottish folds

The Scottish fold is a breed of domesticated cats who were born with a dominant gene-mutation affecting the cartilage throughout their bodies. The condition causes their ears to fold, bending forward and down towards the front of their heads. Consequently, these cats are known for their “owl” resemblance. 

Maybe their name gave it away, but the breed comes from Scotland and appears fiercely proud of its heritage. They trace their roots back to one particular cat named Susie, a barn cat living in Scotland who happened to have flat ears. When she gave birth, her kittens also had flat ears. 

Her farmer enlisted the help of a geneticist and started breeding Susie. By the mid 70s, the Scottish fold was one of the most popular cat breeds in Europe & America. Despite their appearance, these cats can hear just fine. 

Sometimes, they have a tendency to develop arthritis in their tails at a young age, and it’s very painful. If you have a Scottish fold, you may have noticed them hold their tail very still. They may also pull it away when you try to pet them. 

Of course, the vet can help them! Which applies to their other health concerns like Diabetes mellitus, upset stomachs, Hepatopathy, Feline upper respiratory disease and Conjunctivitis. 

They enjoy snuggling up to warm, soft blankets. Sometimes, they can’t resist getting their paws on one!

Are Scottish folds Friendly?

What good is a friend if they’re not friendly? Surely, we don’t want cats who hiss & scratch us every chance they get. We want them to be as happy as the cat from The Big Bang Theory’s “Soft Kitty”! Fortunately, we don’t need to look any further when it comes to the Scottish fold. 

They’re known for being as loving as stuffed animals, very affectionate cats who bond exceedingly well with their human friends. They’ll also get along well with the children and any other pets involved. They enjoy gentle play and problem-solving games. 

Their voices are soft & chirpy. They might remind you of birds that wake you up to their beautiful songs in the morning. You may find them chilling in some unusual positions, and slumbering on their backs. In fact, they’re better cuddlers than they are jumpers which is due to their stout build and short legs. 

Munchkin Cat

What would it be like having an adorable Scottish fold munchkin cat who likes to stay quiet inside your desk while you’re in class? There’s a viral video of a sneaky munchkin cat who enjoys staying inside his owner’s desk. It’s like the cat has his own little hotel all to himself. 

Munchkin Cat’s name is Ba Dun, and he’s absolutely positively driving TikTok users crazy! Ba Dun’s owner, Wen, is a Xi’an University student. He shared a great video of his cat hiding in his desk because he refused to be left alone.

Originally, the video was found on the video-sharing app Douyin, and has gathered more than 300 million views. Needless to say, Ba Dun has become famous. 

Who’s the Scottish fold munchkin cat? Only a symbol of companionship! Tell us about your pets!

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