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Did Scott Disick go back to rehab because of his new girlfriend? Find out the details about his stay and discover how they were leaked.

Did the breakup with his girlfriend lead Scott Disick to rehab?

Keeping Up with the Kardashians fans are well aware of the wild & outrageous Scott Disick and his rollercoaster relationship with Kourtney Kardashian. The former couple faced many obstacles during their relationship including Disick’s crazy behavior & excessive drinking, causing concern for fans. 

Scott Disick has gotten help for his drinking problem and things seemed to be going well for him and his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie. It finally seemed like Disick was living a clean & sober life until reports regarding Disick’s check-in to rehab left fans shocked. On April 28, 2020, news broke that Disick had checked in to All Points North Lodge in Edwards, Colorado. 

Many thought back to his past with alcohol & substance abuse, believing that he may have relapsed. However, it turns out that Disick was not in rehab for substance abuse. Instead, he went to treat a problem that had nothing to do with Sofia Richie. In fact, the couple did not call it quits until after the rehab incident. 

If it was not alcohol or girlfriend related, what was it?

Disick lost his mother due to health issues in 2013 and then his father only three months after from cancer. Sadly, Disick was an only child and didn’t have any siblings or family members to talk to and mourn with. This tragic incident left Disick alone & vulnerable to depression. 

After years of holding in feelings of anger & sadness, Disick’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his children, Kourtney Kardashian, guided him towards rehab. “It’s true, Scott checked in to rehab last week,” stated a source, “…he had a lot of guidance from Kourtney and she demanded that he get help…”. Things had gotten so rough that Kourtney wouldn’t allow him around the kids unless he got treatment –a huge eye-opener for Disick. 

Despite alcohol addiction rumors, Disick’s lawyer Marty Singer went on to say that he was not in rehab for any drug or alcohol use and instead was seeking treatment to get help with his depression. Because he had never really dealt with the pain of losing his parents, he had now decided that he should check himself into a rehab facility “to work on his past traumas.”

Fame has a price to pay

Being famous has its perks; however, a major downside is having your private life exposed to the world. Exposing personal matters leave room for criticism, gossip, and rumors including the one that Sofia and Disick broke up leading Disick to rehab visit. 

Disick and Richie had been dating since 2017, two years after his split from Kourtney Kardashian. Unfortunately, this relationship comes to an end in 2020 just days after Disick’s trip to rehab because she could no longer deal with his pessimistic behavior. 

Disick’s loved ones, including Richie, have been very supportive as he prioritizes his health & recovery. One source commented that Disick is “committed to getting better” and “will do anything to help himself be the right type of man and father…”. 

It is a relief to know that Disick is not currently struggling with alcohol or drug problems but saddening to know that he carries emotional baggage, causing him depression. Acknowledging that your mental health is deteriorating and getting help is the first step to recovery and fans throughout are cheering him on. 

Although Disick and Sofia Richie ended their relationship around the same time as Disick’s rehab check-in, it’s important to understand that she was not the triggering factor. Disick was going through emotional trauma, unrelated to her. 

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