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What’s the *real* name of Khloe Kardashian’s son? Let’s find out

The Kardashian clan has a new addition, and it’s not just any old Kardashian-Jenner name. Khloe and Tristan’s little bundle of joy finally has an identity – say hello to Tatum Robert! But wait, there’s a lot more to this name than meets the eye. Let’s peel back the layers and see what’s in a name, Kardashian-style.

Oh, Kris Jenner, the ultimate secret spiller! During a candid moment in the Hulu series, the family matriarch inadvertently dropped the name bombshell. As Khloe spilled the beans that the name would definitely start with a “T,” Kris casually tossed out options, including Tyler, Tucker, and the eventual winner – Tatum. It seems even in the world of the Kardashians, sometimes the best-kept secrets have a way of slipping out.

Ah, the age-old Kardashian tradition of accidental revelations – and this time, it’s the grand matriarch herself, Kris Jenner, taking the trophy! In a moment that can only be described as a classic Kardashian twist, Kris let slip the much-anticipated name of Khloe’s bundle of joy during a candid chat on the Hulu series.

Kris Jenner’s Slip-Up: How Tatum Was Unveiled

Picture this: Khloe spills the beans that the chosen name starts with a bold and booming “T.” Kris, never one to pass up on a good opportunity, decides to play the name game. She fires off a few suggestions – Tyler, Tucker, and Tatum. Ah, the plot thickens! Little did the world know that within those playful suggestions lay the chosen name that would soon become the identity of Khloe’s tiny tot.

In a family known for their share of secrets and surprises, sometimes the biggest reveals happen in the most casual of moments. And in true Kardashian fashion, it’s all done with a flair that keeps us hooked, guessing, and, of course, waiting for the next bombshell to drop. Who needs scripted dramas when you have the Kardashians, unwittingly delivering the juiciest plot twists right before our very eyes?

Why Robert, you ask? Well, it’s not just a random choice. This middle name carries the weight of a heartfelt tribute. Kris Jenner, ever the persuasive force, advocated for Robert to be the baby’s first name, in honor of Khloe’s late father. While Khloe stood her ground for a “T” name, she found a touching compromise in giving her son the middle name Robert.

A Middle Name with Meaning: Robert, a Tribute to the Past

Ah, the classic Kardashian knack for turning names into an art form. While Khloe was dead set on a “T” name for her bouncing bundle of joy, the middle name took a poignant turn. Enter Robert, a name that carries the weight of family history and a subtle nod to the late patriarch, Robert Kardashian Sr. 

Kris Jenner, always the mastermind behind the scenes, gently nudged Khloe towards this meaningful moniker. She saw an opportunity to pay homage to a man who played a pivotal role in shaping the Kardashian legacy. Kris, never one to shy away from a bit of name-dropping drama, envisioned “Robert” as the star of the show, even if it only took the middle stage.

While Khloe stood firm in her “T” name conviction, the tribute to her father became an unspoken compromise. So, there you have it – Tatum Robert, the latest Kardashian on the block. What are your thoughts on this newest addition to the family? Drop your comments below and stay tuned for more Kardashian chronicles!

Now that the name is out, what’s the story behind Tatum Robert? It turns out, it’s a gender-neutral moniker of British origin, translating to “Tata’s homestead.” With roots in a small village called Tatham, the name exudes cheerfulness and a vibrant spirit. Tatum might not be taking over the baby name charts just yet, but in Kardashian terms, it’s a name fit for a star.

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