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Want to give your snarky retorts some extra zing? Check out these sarcastic memes and share with your buds.

These sarcastic memes will spice up your group chat

Sarcasm is the best. It makes an otherwise normal response snarky and sprinkles  retorts with an extra zing. What could’ve been just plain rude comes off as funny and gets you out of sticky situations – or gets you into them if the zing has too much sting. Either way, it’s super entertaining. 

Whether you’re dishing them out like a server during lunch rush or playing the part of an innocent bystander, they’re hilarious to hear. As the recipient of sarcasm it can be kind of annoying though, so here are memes not directed at you to laugh at. If you end up loving them too much not to share, try them out in your group chat and see if you can get a chuckle. 

Zero protection value 

This face mask may have no ability to protect you from the viruses that be, but it has a high chuckle value. It’s a worthy pun . . . as long as the guy wears his real face mask in public. 

No really, pure hilarity 

This is a good one to whip out when someone cracks an offensive joke or just won’t give the dad jokes a rest.


Speaking of dad jokes . . .


How to reject your significant other 101. 

When the one annoying friend leaves the chat 

Express how the ache in your heart is indescribable. 

Obama, how could you? 

The sad part is, the kind of person you would send this to would probably be like, “So what you’re saying is there’s a level of caring.” 

There’s a difference 

If you happen to be insulted by it, that’s for you to examine. 

Hey, he’s not wrong 

Confidence is supposed to attract, right? He’s on the right track. 

Light and dark

They’re two sides of the same coin


It’s true. Maybe you people who get all indignant about someone not having seen a specific movie will put a sock in it now. People’s reactions to you are about as anticlimactic as this meme. 

Some cards never disappoint 

Bet you never thought you could use Adele to insult someone

Yes, the beauty of it 

Sarcasm and sarcastic memes are gifts to the snarky.

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