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Is Adele's new album '30' going in on the details about her messy divorce? See what we know so far about the next Adele album.

Adele has finally announced the release date of her new album '30'. Take a look at all the details of the new album and Adele's journey to musical

Get ready for sad girl autumn because Adele just dropped a single that could be the start of a whole new album! Listen to her latest song now.

One of the most successful musicians of this generation is definitely Adele. When will she release her new album?

Is there a new album from Adele in the works? Open your ears to the teaser of her next single "Easy On Me" and hear for yourself.

When will we be graced by a new album from Adele? Pull out your magnifying glass and examine the beloved singer's cryptic social media campaign!

Who is Adele's new main squeeze, Rich Paul? Learn everything about the superstar singer's new boyfriend, including his net worth.

The Duchess of Sussex celebrates her royal 40th birthday by announcing her newest charity! Take a look at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's 40x40 initiative.

In celebration of the Euro 2020 finals, Adele decided to share a pic on her Instagram. Could she be promoting a new album too?