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Is Tom Sandoval’s net worth truly dropping after Adele’s diss?

Is the queen of soul herself, Adele, just as hooked on the reality TV drama as we are? Fans got a surprising answer during a recent Vegas show when the renowned artist broke from her usual show routine to dive into a hot topic from the reality TV world, Vanderpump Rules.

Onstage tea

Eager to get to the bottom of the buzz-worthy scandal, Adele turned to her audience for answers. “Who was that guy who cheated?” she asked, sparking a frenzy of responses. Some provided helpful explanations, while others, not so much. One fan boldly expressed, “He’s trash,” to which Adele humorously agreed.

While Adele is world-famous for her soulful ballads, it seems she’s also quite a fan of the real-life drama from Vanderpump Rules. She expressed curiosity about Tom Sandoval’s role on the show, whose recent controversy has been the talk of the town.

Tom Sandoval, a key cast member since the show’s early days, isn’t just a server on Vanderpump Rules. He’s an aspiring singer, a business owner, and a major player in the LA restaurant scene. 

However, his fame has been slightly tarnished by a recent scandal involving his longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix and her best friend Raquel Leviss. But despite the scandal and subsequent mud-slinging, Sandoval is set to return for another run in the show, demonstrating the controversy hasn’t dampened his spirits.

The drama is far from over as the network has yet to sign Leviss for the new season. With production due to start soon, the question arises – will Raquel return, and what will the next season hold for the infamous ‘Scandoval’ saga?

While Adele was busy dipping her toes into reality TV gossip, it’s her phenomenal music career that really stands out. Adele’s beautiful melodies and emotional lyrics have made her a global sensation, earning her an impressive net worth of $220 million.

Golden touch

Adele’s distinct voice and relatable lyrics have touched the hearts of millions worldwide. Her success story began with the album “19”, and her subsequent album “21” was even more successful. The two albums alone earned her a plethora of awards, including sixteen Grammy Awards, and a staggering 107 major music awards in total.

She’s sold millions of copies of her albums, earning a substantial amount of profit from the resulting royalties, reportedly netting her $62,000 daily!

While Adele’s fame comes from her heartrending ballads, Tom Sandoval’s claim to fame is quite different. Known for his appearances on Vanderpump Rules, the reality star also has an entrepreneurial streak, owning a restaurant and working as a bartender on the show.

Outside of his reality TV career, Sandoval has also appeared in films and fronts a cover band, showcasing his multifaceted talents. His net worth currently stands at $4 million, with his earnings from both his business ventures and his role on Vanderpump Rules contributing significantly.

Emerging scandal?

Despite Adele’s playful jibes on stage, Sandoval seems unfazed. When asked about Adele’s comments, he replied, he understood why she would have a negative view of him based on his recent scandal. And yet, he would still jump at the chance to see her perform live.

With the new season of Vanderpump Rules coming up, Tom Sandoval has his sights set on facing the real challenge of filming amidst the ongoing controversy. But the question remains, will Adele keep tuning in, and who else from the music industry is watching?

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