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CollegeHumor's Ryan Creamer is calling his PornHub career quits. Look back on Creamer's wholesome content.

Ryan Creamer retires from Pornhub: Reminisce on his wholesome work

In a website filled with intense, arousing, and exceedingly explicit material, comedian Ryan Creamer’s videos were the type of wholesome content Pornhub needed. 

Former CollegeHumor castmate Creamer has a total of 84 videos & 11.7 million video views on the X-rated website. Not a single Creamer video features nudity or climaxing. Instead, the comedian’s videos are refreshingly pure. The fact that they’re on Pornhub just makes them that much more hilarious in context.


If you have no interest in going onto Pornhub to watch these videos, we recommend checking out this compilation of some of Creamer’s best work. The videos are pure comedy gold, making us laugh out loud with the sensation of a warm hug at the same time. Here are a few of our favorites: 

“I Do the Dishes Without Being Asked” is precisely what it says it is. Creamer simply washes the dishes then smiles at the camera, announcing “All done.” Now that’s hot! 

One of Creamer’s most viewed videos is “I Disinfect the Casting Couch”. In the video, the comedian uses disinfecting wipes to wipe down a black couch in a “casting office” while smiling at the camera. He even closes the lid to the wipes. (We just about spat out our drinks just after reading the title of this one.) 


“I, Your Step Brother, Decline your Advances But am Flattered Nonetheless” is exactly what it sounds like. If you type “Step Brother” into Pornhub’s search, you’ll note this is completely the opposite of the site’s other content on this topic

The only video in which Creamer strips in is “I Give You My Jacket Because You Are Cold”. The only item of clothing being stripped is his jacket. (He’s so considerate)

In “I, Your Real Estate Agent, Just Show You the Property”, Creamer plays a real estate agent showing us an apartment with zero sex involved. He has a lovely way of making you feel safe, doesn’t he?

In the semi-suggestive title “I Play with Toys to Completion”, the wholesome content creator plays with toys, puts them down, and announces once again “All done” while staring at the camera with his signature smile.


How it all began

In an interview with Dazed, Creamer explained how he got started making these parody videos “simply because it made me laugh”. 

“I was on Pornhub one night and saw a ‘Work With Us’ tab, which showed how easy it was to become verified. I was very drawn to the idea of this supportive guy, acknowledging that everyone is watching porn on this site, and just offering a kind gesture.”

Saying goodbye

After two years of making people laugh & feel comforted on Pornhub, Ryan Creamer announced his retirement from the website. 

Pornhub’s Twitter account replied, “And what a great Pornhub career it was! Miss you already!” followed by three heart emojis.

Creamer then teased his audience. “Now I leave you the way all porn must inevitably end.” In his final video titled “THE MONEY SHOT”, Creamer holds up a twenty-dollar bill and explains: “I got you something. Don’t spend it all in one place. Well, bye-bye”. 

Creamer told Dazed, “Acknowledging how silly it sounds in the context of ceasing uploading parody videos to a porn site, it was a tough decision (to retire). 

“I always knew that there would be a finite number of things to parody- that if I were to go forever, it would just be for the sake of maintaining a sense of ego. I think you can get a little spoiled after a certain point and start expecting things for the work you’re doing, rather than doing it for fun.”

Ryan Creamer’s wholesome Pornhub content will surely be missed. He loves to make people laugh and plans to continue to do so. The kind words & support on his Pornhub channel encouraged him to make more comedic content. He joked, “Having said that, when I try something new in a month and it fails spectacularly I will tweet, ‘Never mind, I made a mistake – I’m a porn guy again’.”

You can find Creamer on his scripted comedy podcast American Detour.

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