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If you’re a fan of C-dramas, then you’ve definitely heard of 'Eternal Love'. Here are the best romantic C-dramas you should watch.

‘Eternal Love’: All the best romantic C-dramas to heal your heart

If you’re a fan of C-dramas, then you’ve definitely heard of Eternal Love. Also known as Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, Eternal Love is a 2017 series that was, as of 2018, the most-watched television series in China. Based on the xianxia novel (a genre of Chinese fantasy), the series follows two deities (Yang Mi, Mark Chao) that fall in love across three of their lifetimes. 

If you’ve decided to dive into Eternal Love and finished all 58 episodes, then you’re probably looking for your next romantic C-drama to check out. But what offering should you check out? Well here are some of our favorite romance C-dramas for when you need a bit more love in your life.

Love O2O

Love can come in many forms, even if you have to get married in a video game to participate in a couple’s competition. Aspiring video game developed Bei WeiWei (Zheng Shuang) finds herself in need of a partner when her online husband dumps in A Chinese Ghost Story. Number one player Yixiao Naihe suggests that they get married in order to crush the competition, which they do.

Except that’s when the pair meet IRL. Bei WeiWei meets Xiao Nai (Yang Yang), her senior at college, and Yixiao Naihe. The two decide to date in real life to see how it goes. Romance and misadventures ensue. It’s an interesting premise to a romance series with great chemistry between the stars. 

A Love So Beautiful

If teen dramas are more of your thing, then A Love So Beautiful should be right up your alley. Chen Xiaoxi (Shen Yue) and Jiang Chen (Hu Yitian) are neighbors and secondary school classmates preparing for their Gaokao, the university entrance exams in China. Chen Xiaoxi is cheerful and sweet, but doesn’t study much. Jiang Chen is smart and popular, but aloof after the death of his father. 

If you’re thinking that the sunshine one falls in love with the grumpy one, then you would be right! Surrounded by a cast of quirky friends, the two stumble down the path of love and adulthood. 

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Situ Mo (Xing Fei), like many graduates, is terrified of what’s going to happen post-graduation. While she wants to work in advertising, she has a hard time committing to anything and is unable to make her own decisions. That’s when she meets genius Physics student Gu Weiyi (Lin Yi), who definitely knows what he wants. The pair accidentally end up living together and sparks start to fly.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder is a charming series and a solid adaptation of the novel of the same name by Zhao Qianqian (who served as the writer for the series). 

When a Snail Falls in Love

If you’re looking for a romance series with a bit more edge of it (or you like it when partners fall in love in police procedurals), then When a Snail Falls in Love is perfect. Jai Bai (Wang Kai) is the stony leader of the Violent Crime Unit where he meets Xu Xu (Wang Ziwen), an artistic intern studying offender profiling. 

This unlikely duo is tasked with solving a series of crimes that are strangely connected and fall in love along the way. During this time, Xu Xu draws comics about their relationship with her as a snail and Jai Bai as a lion.

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