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OnlyFans is on everyone's mind following the back & forth news from this week. Uncover the story and check out our list of the best accounts to follow.

All the OnlyFans accounts you should be following now

What a few weeks OnlyFans has had, folks. The trendy platform blew up headlines across the board last week when they announced sexually explicit material would be dropped from the service. Wait a minute, isn’t OnlyFans made for sexually explicit content? That’s what everyone who read the news was thinking, and subscribers & creators alike were forced to seriously consider some other options when the news hit.

Hold your horses, it’s not time to drop your OnlyFans account just yet. Yes, the unthinkable has happened and the massive platform has actually responded to the criticism the service faced after dropping their big news. Creators & subscribers weren’t too happy with OnlyFans’s initially decision and this week, the service proved it is truly for the fans.

Business as usual

Variety reported on Wednesday that OnlyFans will reverse its decision to ban porn from its service. What does this mean exactly? 

Well, OnlyFans will continue to operate as the service has and allow its creators to show off as much as they please on their pages. As such, folks who may have left the service for an anything-goes alternative are staying. Now the question is, who should you be following on OnlyFans now that the service will keep things as they were? We’ve gathered the hottest accounts to keep an eye on.

Jem Wolfie

Jem Wolfie is definitely one of the biggest OnlyFans accounts to watch. In fact, Venturer reported in June that she has the most subscribers of any of the accounts on OnlyFans. However, the Australian fitness star didn’t have much to worry about during the porn ban scare.

Jem Wolfie offers some hot stuff on OnlyFans, but no nudity or sexually explicit content. However, her account is the only spot to watch her exclusive stuff.  

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne may have made her start in the entertainment industry thanks to Disney, but the girl has grown up into a strong independent woman. Thorne has one of the most popular accounts on OnlyFans, and now she’ll be able to continue going strong with whatever content she pleases.

In fact, International Business Times reported last week Thorne has the second most lucrative page of all the accounts on OnlyFans. Join the masses on the site, and follow her exploits to keep up.

Cardi B

Everyone loves Cardi B. The superstar has made her way into the hearts of the mainstream public with her hit bangers and upfront personality.

Cardi B has joined the ranks of other celebs who have a sure thing for OnlyFans success thanks to her massive cult of loyal fans. Want to see the most exclusive Cardi B news? All it takes is ponying up a few bucks for her subscription.

Blac Chyna

Reports say Blac Chyna is raking up the most money of all the accounts on OnlyFans. In fact, the celeb is said to pull in a whopping $20 million monthly.

You might want to subscribe to Blac Chyna’s OnlyFans to see what all the hype is about. Furthermore, she’s a seasoned model and former stripper, so we can only imagine she’s perfect for killer OnlyFans content.

DJ Khaled

Finally, did you even know DJ Khaled has an OnlyFans account? Complex reported in early August that the legendary hip hop star has a joint account with Fat Joe, but the page usually is focused on Khaled.

Content is said to be wholesome, and we can only imagine you get some serious “keys” to life with a subscription to DJ Khaled’s account. The DJ has plenty of business ventures, and OnlyFans is simply (wait for it) another one.

What’s your favorite of all the accounts on OnlyFans? Drop your number one in the comments below!

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