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Bella Thorne is one of the top creators on OnlyFans. Strip down the story and find out what's next for the star after the platform's coming revamp.

Will Bella Thorne continue her NSFW content after OnlyFans ban?

The world of adult entertainment got absolutely rocked last week with the news OnlyFans will drop all its pornagraphic content. Furthemore, the general public was met with a massive dose of “huh”? Most of us understood OnlyFans to be a site made for adult content, so we’re wondering what the platform is thinking dropping the main reason folks subscribe to the service.

We can only imagine OnlyFans is trying to go more mainstream, but whatever their reasoning, the world must now adjust. Adult entertainment fans will have to find a new outlet for NSFW content, but the real adjustment will come to the content creators making beaucoup bucks on the platform. 

Bella Thorne raked in some serious money on the platform, and fans are wondering what will become of her OnlyFans page since the service announced its massive change. Here’s what we found.

Bella Thorne

Most of us have heard her name before, but how many of us know who Bella Thorne actually is? She’s a star, no doubt, but like every big celeb, she had to start somewhere.

Bella Thorne began acting as a youngster. Refinery29 reported back in 2017 that Thorne started child acting to help support her family at a young age. She acted in various TV shows during the 2000s, and became a regular on Disney Channel’s Shake it Up in the early 2010s.

Thorne started singing on Disney’s label and the company dropped her EP Made in Japan with Zendaya in 2012. Thorne continued to act during the 2010s, but everything would change in the entertainer’s life in 2019.

Before OnlyFans

Bella Thorne may have had a pretty clean start in the entertainment industry with a Mickey Mouse VIP card to boot, but everyone has to grow up sometime. USA Today reported back in 2019 with shocking news to all the Bella Thorne stans out there. 

What was the news? Bella Thorne had announced she had directed her very own porn film, and we all knew for certain the former Disney star had finally grown up. The film, Her & Him stars porn superstar Abella Danger, and Thorne’s directorial debut turned out to be an absolute hit.

Her & Him earned the Visionary Award at PornHub, and got several nods from the ultimate porn awards AVN. OnlyFans seems like a logical next step for Bella.

Top creator

International Business Times reported last week that Bella Thorne is one of the top creators to ever grace OnlyFans with her name. In fact, reports say she is the number 2 creator from the platform, earning a whopping $11 million per month on the website.

However, Bella Thorne’s massive monthly payments may falter since OnlyFans has barred NSFW material. Now, fans are wondering where they can find the raciest content for all things Bella once the change comes into play.

Luckily for Bella Thorne stans, the entertainer will still have platforms to shell out content to her followers. Bella is on social media of course, and fans will have an unchanged stream of info from the star via Instagram & Twitter with her handle @bellathorne. Furthermore, you can follow her directing exploits on Insta via @writtenanddirectedbybella.

While Instagram is censored, and tweets are limited by characters and media size, Bella Thorne also has her own website We can only imagine if Bella Thorne wants to throw up some racy content on her website, she’ll do so. For now, we’ll have to see how OnlyFans’s recent changes affect the massively successful content producer’s cash flow.

Do you subscribe to OnlyFans? Who’s your favorite content creator? Let us know in the comments below!

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