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Is the streaming giant Netflix worthy of the price tag? We've gathered the best and worst content on the platform for you to decide.

Is Netflix worthy of the hype? The best and worst content on the platform

Netflix is to streaming as Apple is to smartphones. The streaming service reigns supreme, at least in the collective conversation on the subject. But what has Netflix done for you lately? 

These days, Netflix has taken away from its users more than the service has given to them. The latest developments from the service are cracking down on password sharing, limiting the number of screens per account, and taking away its free trials (when will it end?).

Furthermore, as days go by, less content we want to actually see is available on Netflix. So why are we keeping Netflix around, anyway? We’ve gathered the remaining gems Netflix offers, along with the stinkers underscoring why you should rethink giving your hard-earned bucks to the service. Check out our best & worst of Netflix below.

Best of Netflix


We lost the late great Alex Trebek last November, but with Netflix, we can remember him with some of the best Jeopardy episodes. Jeopardy is fun, educational, and could single-handedly make up our best of Netflix section. 

Furthermore, the show is a real selling point for the streaming service, as Netflix is one of the only easy places to watch the show on the web. Nothing is more thrilling than seeing a daily double pop up, so we have to give Netflix some credit for hanging on to Jeopardy.

I Think You Should Leave

I Think You Should Leave is one of the funniest shows of the past few years, and one of the best sketch shows of the past decade. We’re pained by the size of the six-episode season of I Think You Should Leave, but the show’s few episodes beg rewatching and yield laugh after laugh with each viewing. 

Furthermore, I Think You Should Leave is exclusive to Netflix, and the show is so weirdly brilliant, we’d definitely pay for a subscription for the series alone. Perhaps the funniest comedy show on the service, I Think You Should Leave definitely makes our best of Netflix.

Good Time

Good Time is one of the best new movies on Netflix, coming from breakout NYC darling directors the Safdie Brothers. The Robert Pattinson-starring bank robbery thriller will make you feel like you’ve been drugged (and not by the fun kind).

Good Time puts nearly every contemporary thriller to shame with how closely you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat, and how short you’ll bite your nails throughout its run. Good Time is definitely one of the best movies of 2017 and definitely makes our best of Netflix list.

Worst of Netflix

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

We’re going to let I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry act as a representative for most of the movies on Netflix: it’s a real stinker. How can you make a cringey gay joke for an hour & thirty minutes? Somehow director Dennis Dugan & the Sandman pull it off. 

The film also manages to take down several other marginalized groups in ways which can’t be argued with any evidence of real humor. Netflix barely has any good movies left on the service, but Chuck & Larry is definitely one for the books – and one of the worst flicks on Netflix.

72 Cutest Animals

Okay, we’re not saying we don’t like videos of cute animals, but why does this show exist? The slapped-together variety show of animals videos (some of which show animals doing absolutely nothing) makes us feel dumber by watching. 

The soundtrack seems to echo the cavalcade of whistling commercial jingles following us from every website, Instagram ad, and inside any pharmacy we need to patron throughout the week (our head hurts). At the end of the day, we wonder why we’re paying to watch cute animal videos when YouTube has way more for free. 


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