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Are you ready for the final season of 'Lucifer'? Test your knowledge to see if you need to re-binge the entire Netflix show before season 5b emerges.

Netflix’s ‘Lucifer’: Test your devilish side with our monstrous quiz

We’re just weeks away from the long-awaited season 5b of Lucifer dropping on Netflix. With the final season of the beloved series already filmed, Lucifans are starved for content. Of course, the question remains just how well do you know the four-and-a-half season of Lucifer that have aired? How many times did you go on Netflix to binge the series? If the answer is “too many”, then this quiz may be for you!

Lucifer remains an absolutely wild ride of a series. From the reveal of Mom to the Devil face reveal to God on the scene, the only thing to expect from the Netflix series is that anything can happen. With that in mind, let’s see how well you know Lucifer from its devilish delights to earthly blunders.

Can you score a perfect 666 on our Netflix ‘Lucifer’ quiz? Find out!

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