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One of the latest streaming services to make waves is Peacock from NBC. They have a wide array of great movies and shows. Check out our favorites here!

Peacock: Subscribe to NBC’s streaming service to watch all these underrated movies

Have you freshened up your apps lately? As the streaming wars rage on, we’re forced to decide on what content is non-negotiable for us to have access to and what content we can live without. As platforms snatch up exclusive series, users are forced to drop services lacking our favorite comfort series and pick up fresh subscriptions holding our favorite shows hostage.

Movies seem like a bonus for most streaming services whose bread & butter is beloved series. One of the latest streaming services to make waves is Peacock from NBC, a platform no doubt relying heavily on drawing in subscriptions from streamers who can’t live without The Office (and who can?). 

However, the streaming service from NBC also has a great selection of underrated movies, keeping subscribers on even when they get sick of Michael & Dwight. Check out our favorite hidden gems on Peacock.


Before 2015’s Straight Outta Compton introduced a new generation to the story of N.W.A., gangster rap’s founding fathers ripped up the charts and made history in the late 80s & early 90s. Three years after N.W.A. broke up and Ice Cube & Dr. Dre began their rise to super solo success, CB4 dropped on audiences.

CB4 is a mockumentary focusing on a N.W.A. parody group, back when spoofs ran the comedy world. Criminally underrated, and no doubt a mystery to zoomers, the Chris Rock-starring romp is a time capsule coming from Half Baked & Billy Madison director Tamra Davis and featuring Charlie Murphy’s second most iconic performance years before Chappelle’s Show

Required viewing for anyone who puts the 90s on a pedestal, and one of the most underrated movies on the NBC streaming app, CB4 is the OG.

Drag Me to Hell

Millennials & MCU freaks know director Sam Raimi from the original 2000s Spider-Man trilogy, but horror heads know him from creating the cult Evil Dead series. However, we doubt either of them know Raimi’s 2009 Drag Me to Hell too well.

Drag Me to Hell is a perfectly light horror thriller, focusing on a bank loan officer who sees what happens when she silences her conscience, even for a brief moment denying an elderly woman a bank loan. 

Long story short, the old woman curses our hero, and supernatural haunting ensues. Millennials might tune in for love interest Justin Long, but will stay for a well rounded thrill ride, which although rated PG-13, can seriously scare and is one of the most underrated flicks on NBC’s streaming darling.


Spellbound is the perfect movie to remind you a documentary can be great, even if the movie doesn’t feature a gritty crime story. 2002’s Spellbound is a documentary which follows the 1999 Scripps National Spelling Bee and its many contestants competing in all their awkward glory.

Spellbound is fascinating, and provides a window into the world of some of the most studious kids in the world. Furthermore, Spellbound will make clear how downright thrilling a spelling competition can be (trust us). 

We bet you dollars to donuts the documentary will get your heart pounding, making you quickly understand why Spellbound was up for the Best Documentary Oscar. Plus, you’re guaranteed to boost your vocabulary with one viewing.

The World’s End

Director Edgar Wright tied off his Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy with The World’s End in 2013, following Shaun of the Dead in 2004 & Hot Fuzz in 2007. 

The three films bound by the theme of tumultuous friendship are all different, and some are better than others. The World’s End doesn’t take the cake for the trilogy, but it’s still a great film and one of the most underrated flicks NBC snatched up for its streaming app.

The World’s End presents the classic conflict of living life in the rearview when Simon Pegg’s Gary King gets his day-one boys together for a pub crawl, just like old times. However, when androids & blue goop get involved, trouble way beyond brittle friendships & hindsight comes to the forefront, and a wild ride is underway for viewers. If your hometown ever felt a little off growing up, The World’s End is for you.

What’s your favorite underrated flick streaming now? Let us know in the comments!

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