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Need a good laugh and some rock n roll? Grab your guitars and everyone, young & old, come down to laugh at the reactions to Morrissey on ‘The Simpsons’.

‘The Simpsons’ will bring young and old Morrissey together: See for yourself

For years, The Simpsons has been up there when it comes to shows whose plot revolves around parody and satirizing the world around us. It was doing it before shows like ‘South Park’ were a gleam in their creator’s eye.

However, the show has been in steady decline recently, showing how it may be starting to show its age by choosing English singer-songwriter Morrissey as its latest subject for an episode, showcasing the singer as an overweight, racist meat lover. 

Though the depiction held. . . some accuracy, Morrissey was about as unhappy as his younger self in the episode about the adaptation. Naturally, the discourse exploded on Twitter, with memes & arguments popping up between old fans of the show and young viewers when it came to Morrissey. 

As always, we danced through the fray to find the best reactions to both the depictions of young and old Morrissey that’ll have you on the floor. Grab your guitars and everyone, young & old, come down to laugh at the reactions to Morrissey on ‘The Simpsons’.

Pick a side 

Decisions, decisions. . . 

How could they? 

Like we mentioned earlier, it held some accuracy. 

Long standing feud 

Seems like the singer doth protest too much. . . 

 A mood 

Yeah, Johnny Marr’s face is a mood. Someone better get on making that a meme. . . 

Gone too far 

Looks like the fans have arrived. We’d run if we were you. 

Potato, potato 

We don’t think he realizes that he’s the pot and ‘The Simpsons’ is the kettle in this situation. 

Facing the truth 

Yeah, young Morrissey here got quite the wake up call. 

Pure excitement 

They’re probably rocking out to a Smith’s song and laughing at the irony, too. 

Same difference 

Yikes, that is too true. The UK is not having a good time right now. . . 

Never before seen 

They were even nicer to Rush Limbaugh. That says something. 

Have any other hilarious reactions to the Morrissey parody, both young and old, on The Simpsons? Drop it below in the comments so we can keep on rocking! 

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