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'Money Heist' part 4 is finally out into the streaming world, so we're reminising on how the cast has amazed us time and time again before we binge part 4.

Everywhere to find the ‘Money Heist’ cast while you wait for pt. 4

It’s been less than a year since Money Heist part three, but we’re impatient bingewatchers. We’ve overanalyzed every moment from part three, watched the part four teaser more times than we’d care to admit, and debunked the Alice is Tatiana theory about five times now. All we can do now is stalk down our poor robbers and their pasts in Spanish TV and film. 

If you’re missing your dose of Money Heist, we got a few places you can look to find The Professor, Raquel, Rio, Tokyo, and the rest of the gang before they return April 3rd. Just as the gang themselves are diverse, the projects these actors have starred in within the past few years are just as diverse. Most of these projects are available worldwide on Netflix for your streaming pleasure. 

Itziar Ituno (Raquel/Lisbon)

We’re rooting for Raquel to reunite with The Professor, but while we wait for her return, there isn’t a whole lot of Ituno outside of Money Heist. She only has a small role in this Spanish thriller The Silence of the White City. The movie focuses on a cop and a serial killer who after a break, both return to their roles within the city in their giant game of cat and mouse. 

Alvaro Morte (The Professor)

Morte has proven time and time again in his role as The Professor that he can play multiple hats. If you want to see more of Morte playing the same character in different ways, the Netflix film Mirage is perfect for you. Morte stars as the lead’s husband, who ends up with a different woman when his wife changes the past. 

If you’d rather see Morte back on the small screen, The Pier has Morte playing Oscar, a man who was living a double life with two separate women. His wife Alexandra meets up with the other woman, Veronica, trying to find some kind of truth to her husband’s life.

Pedro Alonso (Berlin)

We’re going to miss Berlin until the end of time, especially with all the flashbacks to his youth with The Professor. But Alonso has plenty of projects to enjoy him in if you’re missing some Berlin. Traicion was a Spanish mini-series focusing on four brothers and their parents working at a law firm together, until the patriarch of the family makes an announcement that changes everything. 

If you miss Berlin’s criminal ways though, Alonso’s role in The Silence of the Swamp has him starring as a crime writer. But as he writes his stories, he realizes that reality might just be more criminal than the crimes he’s writing about. 

Miguel Herrán (Rio)

We’ve written enough about Elite here on Film Daily, so we know all you Elite fans recognize Herrán the minute you turned on Money Heist the first time. Herrán stars as Christian, one of three students given a full-ride scholarship to the most elite private school in Spain after their school collapses.

Christian finds himself climbing towards the top when he gets involved in a polyamorous relationship between two students Polo and Carla. He is the closest out of the three scholarship students to be connected to the murder teased throughout the first season. If you think Rio gets in enough trouble, wait until you see what kind of trouble Christian causes. 

Jamie Lorente (Denver)

But Herran isn’t the only Spanish star getting heavily involved with Netflix. Lorente stars in Elite as well, as Nano, the older brother of Samuel who ends up being Samuel’s girlfriend’s second man. He has a dark history, as he’s just been released from prison but hasn’t finished paying his debts just yet. 

Darko Perić (Helsinki)

Helsinki may not have had too much screen time in Money Heist, but he won his way into our hearts nonetheless. But Perić has two diverse films released last year that definitely show off his full range. El Cerro de Los Dioses is a new take on the classic German myth of Faust. Starring as one of the celebrities, the film is framed as a documentary director and her producer investigates celebrities to find out their secrets. 

On the other hand, Bajo el Mismo Techo is a comedy where a husband and wife start a world war of their own when she files for divorce against him. Considering most of Money Heist is an intense drama, getting to see Perić play in a comedy is such a nice twist, and hilarious. 

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