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Is Netflix’s crime drama series 'Money Heist' your latest fixation? Here's what the 'Money Heist' cast gets up to behind the scenes.

Fall deeper in love with the ‘Money Heist’ cast: Best of behind-the-scenes

Is Netflix’s crime drama series Money Heist your latest fixation? Well, it’s ours too! Money Heist gets the adrenaline pumping and the emotions flowing. The plot is nuts (in a good way) and the characters are incredibly engrossing. We can’t wait for season 5 to come so we can get another dose of our favorite heist series. 

A huge part of what makes Money Heist so enthralling is the superb performances from the top-notch cast. Each actor brings intensity & flavor to their role. It’s no surprise that they’re fun to watch when they’re being themselves too. We can’t help but obsess over them – especially when they’re such a blast in these behind-the-scenes videos. 

Dancing heisters & more

These actors portray some pretty interesting characters – but they also have quite the character themselves! Who knew that this gang of excerpt heisters also has some pretty snazzy dancers? Watch this to get some fun pictures, touching moments, & straight up goofiness from the faces you love. 

Laughs & blunders

When watching Money Heist you may be thinking – how are these actors so spot on? Well, it’ll please you to know – yes, they’re human too! Take a look at these actors making some blunders and being silly in front of the camera. Make sure you turn on English subtitles if you can’t understand Spanish! 

What would you do for a billion dollars? 

Some interview questions are so boring and you can tell that the actors find them taxing. Check out this interview for a change of pace. There are lots of laughs & snarky jokes. Their answers to the hilarious questions asked are perfect. 

Backstage Q&A time 

In this video the characters answer some fun questions that we’ve always wanted to ask. Clearly having worked really hard on set, the actors are ready to have a good time. We also get to see them imitate other characters in this clip – and it is way too spot-on. This is definitely worth the watch. 

In this clip the cast is singing “Feliz Cumpleaños” (Happy Birthday) to Miguel Herrán who plays the enchanting Rio. This cute moment celebrates him turning twenty-one. It’s so endearing to see the cast come together just like a big family. 

Berlin’s take on Money Heist

Are you a fan of the character Berlin? In this short clip we see the talent behind Berlin – Pedro Alonso – taking us around the set and giving some hilarious commentary. The fast flashes we see of our favorite characters are simply delightful. Enjoy!

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