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Former Chicago Bears football player Michael Richardson has been arrested. Is he actually a murderer?

Is Chicago Bears’ Michael Richardson a murderer? Delve into the charges

While Bears fans around the world continue to rejoice the team’s playoff berth, we’re looking into another story involving “Da Bears”. UNfortunately, this one doesn’t seem to offer the same happy ending – former NFL player & Chicago Bear Michael Richardson had been arrested on murder charges last week in Arizona. 

Michael Richarson, who is currently fifty-nine years old, was allegedly involved in the shooting of Ronald Like over a possible drug deal. 

From the “Super Bowl Shuffle” to a possible prison sentence, Michael Richardson, known to many fans around the NFL as “L.A. Mike”, might be trading in an exceptional football legacy that included two Super Bowl rings for three hots & a cot and a whole lot of time to do some reflecting.

Michael Richardson’s collegiate career

Born on May 23, 1961, Michael Richardson was a star cornerback who played for Arizona State University who closed out his impressive collegiate career with a win over Oklahoma University in the 1982 Fiesta Bowl. 

At the time, Michael Richardson was only the sixth All American in Arizona State University’s history, as well as the second player to have ever achieved that honor twice. During his four-year collegiate career, Richardson had intercepted eighteen-passes, having returned them for nearly 131 yards and two touchdowns. 

Richardson later went on to become a second-round pick in 1983, joining a Midwestern storied franchise that we all know & love sans Greenbay Packers fans

Michael Richardson’s NFL journey 

Richardson went on to play professionally with the Chicago Bears, even winning the 1985 Super Bowl during what’s now considered a legendary season for the franchise, capped with the infamous “Super Bowl Shuffle” song & music video which features Michael Richardson adding some bars of his own this is no a segway to a “prison bars” joke.  

After seven seasons with “Da Bears”, Michael Richardson would also go on to win yet another Super Bowl with the 1989 San Francisco 49ers, ending his career after that winning season. He finished his NFL career with twenty-interceptions for 247 years, as well as four-fumble recoveries.

Richardson’s arrest

Michael Richarson was booked into a Maricopa County jail last week on Wednesday, December 30th, 2020, on charges related to both misconduct involving weapons as well as murder of the second-degree. Added to his charges was a felony warrant issued to Richardson only one week prior.  

As reported by KTVK, the shooting was believed to be over $200,000 worth of drugs, as backed up by witnesses who state that Richardson is considered in his parts to be quite the drug dealer. In fact, Michael Richardson had already established a reputation in the world of drugs, having been convicted for more than twenty-different drug-related offenses by 2008.  

The victim was forty-seven year old Ronald Like, who was pronounced dead at a local hospital after succumbing to his injuries last Tuesday in Phoenix. 

What comes next? 

A judge has set a secured appearance bond for $1 million and has scheduled a preliminary hearing for the former NFL cornerback on January 11, 2021. 

It’s hard to say when or how long the investigation will go, but given Richardson’s long history in drugs as well as a possible murder charge, it’s clear that Michael Richardson may have had his final shot at being a civilian, and will likely face many, many years behind bars for his crimes that have spanned for over a decade. 

With two Super Bowl rings, a trailblazing collegiate career, and an impressive NFL resume that most players dream to have, it’s a shame to think that Richardson was willing to throw all of it away for something far less valuable. 

Were you surprised to hear the charges against Michael Richardson? Let us know in the comments!

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