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If you’re looking for some quality NFL memes to laugh at, then these nine memes will be great to send your fantasy league.

Get into a football state of mind with these NFL memes

It’s the return of football over in the U.S.. That means that people are debating over their favorite teams, dominating their fantasy leagues, and, of course, making NFL memes online. Given what a wild year that 2020 has been so far, it’s unsurprising that these NFL memes are just as wild and hilarious as can be expected. From dunking on the Dallas Cowboys to using football teams as a metaphor for family life, we have it all.

If you’re looking for some quality NFL memes to laugh at, then these nine memes will be great to send your fantasy league or bring up when the ref seems to be out for your time. Again. While COVID is still out there, dominating how we handle every aspect of daily life, these NFL memes will at least have you enjoying football season yet again.

1. Yes because the QB is a delicate little flower

Also, excuse you, everyone knows that it’s a pillow along with one of those chocolate mint things that the really fancy places put on your pillow.

2. 2020 continues on and everyone else has also lost their minds

The NFL receivers knew what kind of year 2020 would be and got a head start on the crazy before the rest of us.

3. Good vs Bad social distancing

Football! It’s just an endless series of lessons that keep on giving, isn’t it?

4. Sup, Dallas?

See you getting a headstart on social distancing by doing so with the Super Bowl, huh?

5. Isn’t it though?

We’re gonna tell our kids a lot of things one day, aren’t we? Best part of children is the lies that we will tell them.

6. COVID  vs Flintstones vitamins

Don’t get us wrong. Flintstones vitamins can do a lot of amazing things. But single-handedly beat down COVID? If that was the case, then we would be stuffing our faces by the fistful. Sigh. If only.

7. Is that the referee motto?

Truly, there’s not a more thankless job in any industry then that of the referee, huh? But, also, they do enjoy screwing over your favorite team and you personally. So, what can you do about it?

8. Where’s the lie?

Because we certainly aren’t seeing one.

9. It truly be like that

God with that caption, you can just feel the awkwardness of the scenario. And these are two grown men. Nevermind if it was an actual father and son. Makes you wonder what was really going down that day. Probably something equally as embarrassing.

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