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Did Peyton Meyer release his own sex tape? Investigate as to why the Internet thinks that the 'He's All That' star did.

Did this ‘He’s All That’ star just release a sex tape?

He’s All That barely just premiered on Netflix yet we’ve already got drama surrounding one of the cast members from the film. He’s All That is a Netflix original movie designed as a gender-swapped remake of She’s All That from 1999. In the leading role, we’ve got Addison Rae who rose to fame on TikTok with cute dance moves and her endearing personality. 

Her love interest in the movie is played by Tanner Buchanon who you may very well recognize from Cobra Kai, another series available for streaming on Netflix. The actor in question for potentially leaking his own sex tape is Peyton Meyer who played the role of Jordan in He’s All That. Here’s what we know.

Who is Peyton Meyer?

For those who don’t already know who Peyton Meyer is, one of his biggest roles outside of He’s All That is Girl Meets World. It’s a Disney Channel show he starred in starting in 2014. Girl Meets World is a reboot of Boy Meets World which ran in the 90s also including the characters of Cory Matthews & Topanga Lawrence from the original show . . . except this time around their parents to a teenage daughter named Riley. 

Meyer plays the role of her love interest, Lucas, in the show. Another one of Meyer’s roles is in Dog With a Blog which he was part of between 2012 to 2015. Dog With a Blog also comes from Disney Channel and tells the story of a dog with his own perspective & attitude on life. He’s part of a family but with a mind of his own, he’s able to communicate through the blog he keeps while also keeping a secret from the youngest sister in the family. 

Meyer’s most recent role is obviously and He’s All That where he plays the “bad boy” villain of the story. The messy character he plays in the movie might just be leaking into real life.

Peyton Meyer’s girlfriend

Peyton Meyer is currently in a relationship with a singer-songwriter named Taela LaCour. She released her first single “Bang” in 2019 and released her most recent song in 2021 called “Drugs With You”. She hasn’t dropped a full album yet but she plans to after the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t slow her down anymore.

No one knows for sure how the couple met each other but they started posting each other on social media in February 2021. She revealed he was her childhood crush before they made things official which makes their relationship seem pretty wholesome & sweet. But there’s nothing wholesome & sweet about the sticky situation they’re in.

The leaked sex tape

It appears Peyton Meyer’s sex tape with his girlfriend has been linked to TikTok and according to The Sun, fans rushed to Instagram to comment on his photos informing him of the situation. His lack of response pushed a lot of fans in the direction of thinking he possibly leaked the tape himself. 

One fan commented, “I swear I think he leaves his own tape because there’s two other solo videos, and it looks like he recorded it or his girlfriend leaked it. Probably for more exposure…” Whether Meyer purposely leaked the sex tape or not, this is simply not a good look for him or his brand. 

Starring in He’s All That recently has been a step in the right direction for him but a leaked sex tape steers the conversation away from his talent as an actor and shines a bright spotlight on the scandal. Overall, the situation is beyond scandalous but as of now, it’s pretty difficult to find the leaked sex tape since it’s not readily available on social media any longer.

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