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Everyone's aware of Logan Paul's debt issue with Floyd Mayweather. But, what is Mayweather's net worth and why isn't he paying up? Find out all the details.

Logan Paul lawsuit: What is Floyd Mayweather’s net worth?

In the 21st century, everyone is one click away from having a ruined reputation. But, further the loss of social recognition, being canceled comes with an inevitable loss of net worth. Is this the case of professional ex-boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. after Logan Paul’s lawsuit?

Fortunately, the internet & social media have made it harder for someone not to be exposed and obligated to pay for their wrongdoings. Prince Andrew is another great example, even though he never accepted his crimes related to Epstein, he ended up paying a big price for them. 

However, even though Prince Andrew was retired from his military titles as a consequence of this, he’s still a prince and would never lose his privilege. But what about Floyd Mayweather? How’s his net worth remaining after Logan Paul’s fight?

What happened to Paul?

Logan Paul is an internet celebrity from the Vine generation, actor, YouTuber, and semi-professional boxer. On the other hand, Mayweather is one of the most recognized and wealthy American boxers of all time. Logan Paul & Floyd Mayweather fought in a match in June 2021 at the Hard Rock Stadium of Miami. Mayweather was guaranteed $10 million, plus 50% of view profits. 

Around 1 million views were purchased on the match, generating $50 million of general earnings, from which Mayweather corresponded $35 million. Nonetheless, Logan Paul claimed at the podcast The Flagrant 2 that Mayweather owes him from five to ten million dollars, and affirmed his will to sue him. Yet, Logan Paul complained about how taking things to trial ended up only benefiting the lawyers. 

Logan’s brother Jake Paul has mentioned that it’s ridiculous for Mayweather to not pay his brother if he is as wealthy as everybody thinks he is. He also said at an interview at Disruptors with Rob Moore “Floyd is a broke man. I’ve been saying the whole entire time” and “I think he probably spent it on all the girls he pays to be around him.”

It might sound like a visceral comment from an angry brother, but some reason might hide behind Jake Paul’s words. Apparently, this isn’t the only financial issue Mayweather has gone through in the last few years. But how does this affect his net worth? 

What is Floyd Mayweather’s net worth?

Floyd Mayweather’s net worth is estimated to be $450 million. He’s in fact world-renowned as the richest boxer of all time and his total career earnings top $1.1 billion. This is why it sounds unrealistic for Mayweather not to pay back Logan Paul, however, there’s an explanation to it. 

Mayweather has important investments in real estate, car collections, private jets, and jewelry collections. Once, thieves broke inside his house and stole $7 million worth of jewelry. Yet, a flashy lifestyle like that requires money and he has no longer had a consistent income since 2021, also the ex-boxer is known for his gambling habits.

Nonetheless, it looks like this situation comes from several years ago. In March 2017, the IRS hit Mayweather with a demand of $22.2 million related to taxes generated in 2015. To this, the boxer claimed that he didn’t have enough liquid cash to cover the debt; somehow, his lawyer arrived at an agreement with the ISR guaranteeing the bill would be paid. 

Over time, several controversies have hit the ex-boxer. He might be wealthy, but can he afford to get out of all these troubles? Apparently not. 

It’s impossible to know if Mayweather has lost or won money in the last few years, but logical thinking leads to thinking that his finances might be in danger. Honestly, the best Mayweather could do is either get back on track boxing or lower his flashy lifestyle on several levels. 

What do you think hides behind Mayweather’s net worth? Tell us in the comments below!  

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