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With the drop of the final trailer, many are hyped for Marvel’s 'Eternals' despite the fear of it flopping. Face off against the Deviants and dive into why!

Is Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ destined to be another flop?

With the drop of the final trailer today, many are getting hyped for Marvel’s Eternals coming this November. With an all star cast and incredible visuals, Marvel’s Eternals promises adventure on a scale previously unseen by the MCU. 

However, some are still scratching their heads over the odd combination of director and characters that the MCU is now bringing into the light, leaving some to worry over the fate of Marvel’s Eternals. With such ambiguous characters, will the film flop despite its beauty. 

Of course, Twitter doesn’t think so, as hype for the new trailer for Marvel’s Eternals is at an all time high. We flew through the threads to find more information and the best reactions to Marvel’s Eternals. Face off against the Deviants and dive into the making of Marvel’s Eternals. 

Behind the camera

While no one can deny the artistry of the film from the trailer, some are quirking their brows over Marvel’s choice of director for this film. Chloe Zhao is a brilliant filmmaker, having recently won multiple Oscars for her film Nomadland, making history as the first woman of color to win Best Director. Though this is an amazing achievement, some wonder why a big superhero blockbuster was her choice for a follow-up. 

As it turns out, this is a dream come true for Zhao who is a self-proclaimed geek. She had been angling to join the MCU for years and, after meeting with producer Nate Moore and studio president Kevin Feige, the pieces simply fell into place. 

“The truth is, we would not have even attempted this if it weren’t for Chloé,” Feige said to Entertainment Weekly. “We thought, here’s a filmmaker who is equal parts cinematic visionary and genre nerd. She can outtalk any of us when it comes to manga and Star Wars and Marvel comics. It’s quite an astounding combination. And this movie, I think, represents all of the immense multitudes of Chloé.” 

Sorry, who? 

Feige’s trepidation at doing this project is probably rooted in the fact that, and let’s be honest here, most Marvel fans haven’t heard of these guys until the first trailer dropped. Created in 1976 by legendary comic artist Jack Kirby, the story followed the Eternals, who were created by the alien race the Celestials with this group being sent to Earth to watch over humanity. 

This is a big departure for the MCU, whose stories so far focus on ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances or those who seem all powerful being proven to be flawed. Having these powerful beings who, so far, seem to be indestructible is a closer analogue to their rival DC’s set of heroes, such as Superman or Wonder Woman. 

However, considering Marvel’s penchant for keeping the best moments close to the chest, there may be more to the story of the Eternals than is seen in the trailers. With that in mind and the excitement from fans, this film may have more of a shot than some may believe. 

Twitter is already theorizing

Much like with any Marvel debut, Twitter is super excited and already looking for any hints within the new trailer. Reactions to the new Eternals trailer include: 

She is beauty, she is grace . . . . 

Marvel is definitely outdoing themselves visuals-wise. 

Zhao is gonna knock it out of the park, we can already tell! 

That accent though . . . . 

That got a chuckle out of us, we won’t lie! 

Are you excited for Marvel’s Eternals? Let us know in the comments before the Deviants attack! 

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