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Are you dying to know how the MCU fans are reacting to the final trailer for Marvel's Eternals? Hunt for Easter eggs and scream with Twitter.

Did fans just spot this huge Easter egg in Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ trailer?

Are you ready for Marvel’s upcoming movie Eternals? The final trailer for the movie, directed by Academy Award-winning director Chloe Zhao, has dropped. With it, well, fans are in awe over how gosh-diggity-darn pretty it looks. But, as always, there are a great many Easter eggs to spy in a Marvel movie. From referencing the blip to a figure that people think looks like Galactus, fans are losing their minds.


But just how are fans feeling about Marvel’s next big team-up movie of secret immortals sworn to stay out of human affairs? (Dudes, we could have really used your help over with the whole Thanos situation. Kit Harington speaks for us all!) Well, let’s take a look at the reactions over the final trailer for Marvel’s Eternals. Because we’re screaming about it so much.


*fans self*

Wake up, WLW crew! Your time to shine.


Glow them eyes, baby

Scientific fact, glowing eyes make a person 50000000000000% hotter.


Sooooooo freaking cool

It’s heckin’ BAMF is what it is.


Hi, Celestials! 

You don’t look like Kurt Russell, Celestials.


Hands. Down.

Seriously though, this may be the prettiest Marvel movie ever.


Change in the wind

Chloe Zhao is gonna change the game with Marvel’s Eternals.


Good job!

The color does look better!


C’mon guys

But, you know, seriously . . . where were you?!


Look at that!

Get it, Chloe! 


Shh . . . it’s alright, Games of Thrones fans.

Marvel may actually be giving Game of Thrones a good thing. 

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