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Marvel fans are getting well fed with content for Marvel's 'Eternals' recently. Witness the beginning of everything and dive into these reactions! 

Why you need to watch Marvel’s ‘Eternals’

Marvel fans are getting well fed with Eternals content these past two days. Marvel’s Eternals released a brand new featurette yesterday and the posters for the movie’s cast today, giving Twitter plenty to talk about before the November 4th release of Marvel’s Eternals

Not only do the posters for the cast of Marvel’s Eternals look stunning, but Marvel head Kevin Feige let slip during the featurette that the movie will not only showcase the beginning of the MCU, but also change it in ways fans cannot imagine. If the featurette and the news of two end credit scenes are any indication, then Marvel’s Eternals will be the one to watch for the MCU. 

Naturally, Twitter is getting more and more hyped for Marvel’s Eternals. We space traveled through the threads to find the best reactions to this new promotional material for Marvel’s Eternals. Witness the beginning of everything as we dive into these reactions! 

Weapons time

They definitely took their time on these because WOW! 



Solo movie 


Family time 

It’s just . . . so cute . . . ! 

Two for one

Aka us when we heard that announcement. 

Sign language 

We love to see it! 

New era

That we have and we are so excited! 

Ships have sailed

A new OTP has entered the ring . . . . 

Inject it 

Honestly, mood. 


Now THAT is what we call a money shot! 

Are you excited for the premiere of Marvel’s Eternals? Let us know in the comments before tickets sell out!

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