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Fans have been waiting since May 2019 to see 'Lucifer' return to Netflix with its long-awaited fifth season. Here's what we know about its return.

When the hell is ‘Lucifer’ returning to Netflix? Somebody, please tell us

Fans have been waiting since May 2019 to see Lucifer return to Netflix with its long-awaited fifth season. The question is we’re well over a year since Lucifer made the triumphant debut on Netflix with the series fourth season. So the real question is when the hell is Lucifer returning with the fifth season? 

To be fair, we have no idea when that will happen. The fifth season of Lucifer was split into two parts. Filming for the first part has long been completed, and we’re assuming that the editing is done. Production, however, shut down before the finale could be filmed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

So while that means that part two of season five of Lucifer may take awhile to appear on Netflix, there’s no real reason that part one shouldn’t make its debut in the near future. Sure, places are reopening, but a lot of people are still trying to practice social distancing and keeping safe. They need their entertainment as well. 

In reality, Netflix has a lot of series and films lined up. Though, if you have to ask us our best guest, Lucifer season five part one may either premiere at a) July 2020 or b) October 2020. Let’s say that the two parts will be broken into relatively easy to follow intervals and allow time to film for a part two completion.

July 2020 is in the middle of the summer and the year. Six months will be Jan. 2021. Our guess is that, like CAOS before it, a six month(ish) gap is good to release the two parts. Lucifer can finish filming in the interim between July 2020 and Jan 2021. And it will be a good sort of hiatus all things considered.

October 2020 is, well, due to Halloween, and Lucifer is a show about the Devil. More importantly, part of season five will be set in Hell itself. And, you know, hopefully, the pandemic won’t cancel Halloween. If it was cancelled though, then curling up with a series about the Devil isn’t a bad way to spend the evening.

Granted, this is all just guesswork and conjecture, but hopefully, the logic here makes some sort of sense. All in all, Lucifer should make an announcement about the release of part one of season five in the very near future. We just have to see where we go from there.

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