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Brian Laundrie is nowhere to be found. Unearth the story and discover the details saying he and his family left for a trip after his return to Florida.

Why did Brian Laundrie’s family flee Florida after Gabby Petito’s disappearance?

Well folks, the plot thickens yet again. The Gabby Petito & Brian Laundrie story continues to rip up headlines, drawing in curious Americans and international readers with every passing day. Following the viral obsession with similar fictional stories in movies like 2014’s Gone Girl and documentaries like 2020’s American Murder: The Family Next Door, Gabby Petito’s disappearance has the public mesmerized.

We seem to get a new tidbit of info from the Gabby Petito story every day, and lately, the news lands squarely on Brian Laundrie. Some have speculated that Brian Laundrie is responsible for Petito’s disappearance, following his return from the couple’s camping trip without Petito. The latest news has those with Laundrie in mind coming up with new explanations for Petito’s disappearance. What’s the latest? Here’s what we’ve found.

On the road again

Independent reported on Thursday that Brian Laundrie’s neighbors have recently provided insight into the Gabby Petitio missing persons case. 

Reports say the neighbors noticed after Brian Laundrie returned from he and Petito’s road trip alone, that he had a thirst for the road yet again; the neighbors say Laundrie and his family appeared to go camping right after his return home.

Laundrie’s neighbors in his hometown of North Port, Florida are named Charlene & William Guthrie. The Guthries say they saw the Laundries attaching a new camper to the family pickup truck not long after Brian returned home. In fact, reports say the Guthries saw the Laundries attach the new camper the very same weekend cops came by to look for leads on Gabby Petito’s disappearance. 

The Guthries say they didn’t know about Petito’s disappearance at the time they saw the Laundries pack up. William Guthrie is quoted telling Fox News, “I saw them doing some work. And then when they prepared for their trip, I saw them loading the camper”.


Reports say Guthrie noticed the Laundries loading up the camper when he was doing some work in his yard. 

Furthermore, Guthrie thought it was odd the family was packing for a trip in such a small vehicle. The three Laundries appeared to be getting ready to pile into the pickup with the camper together. Mr. Guthrie is not a suspect in the case of the missing Gabby Petito. The news of Brian Laundrie and his family leaving for a trip shortly after his return to North Port, Florida isn’t doing him any favors. 

On top of his returning from he & Petito’s trip alone, his sudden departure after returning raises further questions regarding Petito’s disappearance. Some may believe he and his family were fleeing so soon after his return to address whatever issues concerning his involvement in Petito’s disappearance. Furthermore, the disappearance case has moved on to something more complex.


Reports say human remains have been discovered which have connection to the Gabby Petito case. The remains were found on September 19th in the Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming, and were initially believed to belong to Petito. 

Now, an autopsy confirmed the remains do, in fact, belong to Gabby Petito. Wyoming was among the states the two visited on their lengthy road trip.

Despite Petito’s discovery, Brian Laundrie is now nowhere to be found. Reports say Laundrie is suspected to have gone to the 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve in Florida. Authorities have been searching the area and have called in boats & diving officials to aid in the search. There’s currently no official word as to why Brian Laundrie and his family left home so soon after Brian’s return.

Now, investigators, reporters, the public, and Petito’s family eagerly await new information which may provide any clues to the case.

Where do you think Brian Laundrie is? Sound off in the comments below!

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