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Dive into a world of grit & suspense with the best true crime documentaries on Netflix. Unravel harrowing mysteries, viral scandals, and real-time whodunits. Buckle up, detective!

The Gabby Petito Story is a film adaption of the real life murder case. Find out what the cast has to say about it.

Brian Laundrie is a person of interest in murder, and his parents are also being suspected for withholding evidence.

More discoveries are being made in this case, so the public is looking for answers. Learn how Gabby Petito's murder lead to the discovery of more bodies.

The remains of Brian Laundrie have finally been discovered. Unearth the story and see if his found notebook reveals details into Gabby Petito's death.

Brian Laundrie's body may have been found, but did his parents know where he was? See some of their odd behavior.

The FBI has discovered human remains near what seemed to be Brian Laundrie's belongings. Could the body be his? Will we ever know what happened?

After police found the possible remains of Brian Laundrie, we're all wondering if we'll ever know what happened to Gabby Petito. Will it remain unsolved?

As police search for Brian Laundrie, the remains of five missing people have been found. The case of Gabby Petito raises awareness of other disappearances.