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Fans think Kylie has bad water pressure in her house? What did Kylie Jenner do to prove them wrong? Let’s dive into the latest drama.

Kylie Jenner’s house: Why are people making fun of the water pressure?

Kylie Jenner has bad water pressure? On Twitter, users were discussing the makeup mogul’s shower and she read the comments. The billionaire hasn’t been shy about showing off her wealth. (Honestly, we would too.) In a recent Instagram post, she showed off her shower in her house. Fans were quick to point out the allegedly poor pressure.

What did Kylie Jenner do to prove them wrong? Let’s dive into the latest drama. 

The shower

If you’re unsure about the shower then look no further. Fans were quick to share their memes and thoughts about Kylie Jenner’s poor water pressure. It’s no secret that her house is the definition of wealth. Go to the dictionary and under wealth it says “Kylie Jenner”. So, what’s with this clearly awful water pressure? 

Here are some of our favorite reactions to Jenner’s shower:

Is it spitting? No, it’s just Kylie Jenner’s shower.

Well, we didn’t spend millions on bad water pressure . . . just saying.

5-Minute Crafts, is that you?

Kylie Jenner only cries out Gucci.

Funnily enough, it looks like Jenner may check Twitter after all and made sure to let us know she wasn’t wasting money buying a bad shower for her multi-million dollar house.

The reply

This isn’t the only time Kylie Jenner has been in hot water. The reality star has been traveling on holiday during a global pandemic! COVID-19 can’t touch the wealthy. Jenner wanted to set the record straight and prove just how rich she actually is.

Rise and shine! Looks like there’s another installment of the Kardashian’s are too rich. We can’t believe our boredom has made a meme out of Kylie Jenner’s shower, but she wasn’t impressed and made sure to prove she’s got money. 

Jenner shared that her shower has amazing water pressure which is set through an electronic device. So fancy. “I think it’s an amazing shower, I have no problem with it. But everyone seems to find the water pressure very concerning.” Yes, we’re very concerned about your water pressure Kylie . . . .

“So, this is really my shower at my house. This is my everyday shower.” There are different types of showers? Apparently, Kylie Jenner’s house is that extravagant that she has an everyday shower, but does that mean she has a shower for the holidays?

Kylie sets her shower and proceeds to show us that she does in fact have good water pressure! 

The result

Fans still can’t get over how she had to prove a point by posting this IG story and have still found ways to tease the reality star. 

We get it . . . you’re rich. Now, go back and enjoy your holiday (during a pandemic)!

The Kardashians are trending again? Is it a sex tape? No, just Kylie’s shower.

Fans even shared their showers just to prove a point. 

Some people can’t handle the memes. Kylie Jenner is one of those people!

We’re sure that she’s having a laugh about the recent memes because we certainly are. Did you know that Kylie Jenner showers? It’s breaking news and we’re not the only ones covering this scandal. At least we can sleep well at night knowing the billionaire businesswoman has better shower pressure than us. Well done, Kylie!

Which meme did you laugh at the most? Did you watch Kylie Jenner’s IG story? Let us know your hilarious takes on this “scandal” in the comments.

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