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You either love to hate or hate to love the Kardashians – but they're unanimously hilarious. Here are some great Kylie Jenner rise and shine memes and more.

Kardashian memes: Kylie Jenner rise and shine and all the other greats

Some people know the Kardashian family from watching their reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Others know them from their adjacent celeb status fame – Kim Kardashain, for example, married famous rapper Kanye West. Caitlyn Jenner’s monumental gender transition, similarly, made major headlines. 

But what draws us to the Kardashians’ online presence more than anything? The fabulous memes they inspire of course! Whether you love to hate or hate to love the Kardashian crew, it’s always fun to get in some good laughs at their expense. Here are our favorite Kardashain memes that will keep the Kardashian craze alive. 

Wake up, sleeping beauty

If you haven’t seen this rise & shine Kylie Jenner meme, welcome to some of the most hilarious Kardashian memes out there. There are endless captions for Kylie’s weird, sunny little tune. 

Rise & shine

Whoever made Kylie look like the baby in the sun on Teletubbies is our hero. 

Can’t stay away

Oh Khloe, you’re not alone. Why can it be so hard to just ignore those people that you have to ignore? 

Shoppers anonymous 

You know you have a problem when a Kim Kardashian meme explains your spending habits. 

Time to trash someone

Isn’t it the best when you discover someone has a loathed person in common with you? It’s serious frustration validation. 


Sometimes a stranger’s conversation is so juicy you can’t help but snoop. 

 Take me home

Imagine being a child of one of the Kardashians. Those family reunions would definitely be ones you want to leave early. 

Lost forever

That classic Kim Kardashian eye roll is amazing. Who hasn’t felt this way after helplessly losing precious items?

Oops, can I retract that statement?

Don’t you just hate when that happens? 

Sponge Kim

Kim Kardashian’s faces are so animated & dramatic, she’s practically a cartoon character. 

Extra fries

Heck yes! 

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