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It certainly looks as if Kim Kardashian's journey to becoming an attorney might be paying dividends. Why is the reality star being sued, Twitter asks?

Former employees sue Kim Kardashian: How is Twitter reacting?

Are we ready for our daily dose of Kardashian tea, folks? The royal family can’t go a half-day without tearing up headlines, and today is no different. Today, the spinning Kardashian-Jenner wheel of misfortune lands on the crown jewel (at least for millennials), Kim. Like last week’s drama surrounding Kourtney’s nanny, this week’s news has to do with the Kardashian employees.

Twitter is lighting up this week with rumors saying one of Kim Kardashian’s former employees is suing her. Vanity Fair says Kardashian is being sued by seven of her former employees for unpaid wages, and along with a plethora of other publications piping up, Twitter is full of voices putting in their two cents on Kim’s alleged Scrooging. Here’s what we found.

Just a headline

These days, most people get their news from headlines, without even reading the article (unlike you, dear reader). Outlets lit up Twitter about the Kim Kardashian situation, and TMZ unsurprisingly chimed in. They say Kim blames the lawsuit on a third-party vendor. What’s the truth?

NowThis gave its followers a few more deetz in its headline, telling them Kim’s allegedly underpaid workers weren’t allowed state-mandated breaks. Say it ain’t so, Kim!

Legal advice

Other news outlets harped on Kim’s former legal training, as HuffPost tweeted about Kim failing the bar exam by a few points. Guess she’ll need some help if the lawsuit goes through.

E! News confirmed HuffPost’s claim, quoting Kim Kardashian saying she didn’t pass the baby bar. If E! says so, you know it’s true.

PopCrave goes one step further, telling its followers about Kim’s struggle studying for the baby bar. Sorry Kim, but sometimes a lot just ain’t enough

Public opinion

News outlets certainly had plenty to say about Kim’s reported lawsuit, but what about the common folk? For some Twitter users like this one, this Kardashian headline is one too many.

Others took to Twitter to underscore Kim’s massive wealth, and tell the world how well they’d treat their employees if they had that Kardashian dough. Whatever you say, Yodizzle.

Some Twitter users took to the site to simply share their shock & awe with the mounting Kim Kardashian stories this week. Slow down, Kim – it’s only Wednesday.

Thankfully, some Twitter users had a sense of humor about Kim’s recent legal struggle. A joke about Kim Kardashian’s butt? What year is it, 2012?

Finally, this Twitter user thinks they’re saying what everyone’s thinking. Little do they know, this tweet has been said many times by many people since Kim came into the spotlight. Sorry, pal – she’s not going anywhere soon.

Do you think Kim did her employees wrong or is there some accounting misunderstanding? Sound off in the comments below!

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