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Spoiled much? Take a tour of the luxuries Kim Kardashian’s children get to enjoy in the Kardashian house of wonder.

Kim Kardashian’s house: Take a trip to her children’s “Mini Town” now

Have you ever been an envious child wishing you had the latest toys & games at your disposal? You’re not alone – oh how badly did everyone want one of those little kids cars or a tree fort where friends could hang. While having shiny toys isn’t everything when it comes to childhood, it’s certainly fun to see what cool stuff is being crafted for kids’ entertainment.

Doting on one’s children is a common practice, but what does that look like when your fortune is endless and your kid’s fund is through the roof? Multi-millionaire Kim Kardashian has had no hesitation spoiling her kids with the most dazzling toys & play spaces. Take a tour of the luxuries Kim Kardashian’s children get to enjoy in the Kardashian house of wonder. 

Play room

Happy to show off the bountiful stash of kids toys in her house, Kim Kardashian gave us a glimpse of her kids’ giant play room. And boy is it stacked. Each kiddo seems to have a mountain of the newest toys just for them. The toys appear to be arranged in a stadium-style area, organized by type & figure.

There’s also a color-coded LEGO drawer, a massive collection of arts & craft supplies, costumes, instruments, doll houses, and even a movie projector. The toys even seem to be designated to certain children who each have their own corners filled with whatever interests them most.   

Play town

What’s even more remarkable than the Kardashian kids play room is their outdoor play area – or we should say play town. Yeah, you heard us right. An entire town of houses designed for kids playtime is in Kim Kardashian’s backyard. 

Usually when you think of the epic kids backyard setup you might imagine a small plastic play house or a cool tree fort, but Kim’s kids are living it up in a whole two rows of little colorful houses designed in a neighborhood / town. 

An upclose shot of the town entrance shows it’s called the “Lil’ Hidden Hills” which is apparently a play on the gated community where the family lives. The Lil’ Hidden Hills is bopping with a KKW Beauty Shop, the West Diner, an ice cream castle, a firehouse, and even a little Starbucks. The streets of the colorful town are decorated with little lamp posts and you can even see an ATM labeled “West Financial Group”. 

This elaborate kids town is absolutely incredible – imagine experiencing that when you were but a small tike. Heck – the Lil’ Hidden Hills looks like it’d be a fun place to traverse for someone of any age. Talk about a wonderland! 

Strange house

While the kids’ areas of the Kardashian house look like a blast, the rest of the house is . . . odd. Recent photos of the interior design look cold, as if the rooms were featured on some horror movie. In one barren white room strange red fuzz balls hang from the ceiling and a weird geometric fireplace rests against the wall. 

Another shot of the home reveals these long, empty, and creepy hallways which have been compared to an abandoned museum or 14th century castle. While we know that minimalism is a big trend, we can’t help but think Kim K could put something in this extensive area – maybe even, you know, a light fixture so you don’t have to carry around torches or candles to get from place to place? 

If we ever get to check out Kim Kardashian’s house, we’re heading straight for the play room or the Lil’ Hidden Hills in the backyard. What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s outrageous home?

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