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Slipknot founding member Joey Jordison has met his tragic end. Uncover the 911 call leading to his discovery and the shocking details within.

Slipknot member Joey Jordison: Listen to the tragic 911 call now

Maggots around the world let the waterworks flow this week when news leaked saying original Slipknot member Joey Jordison passed away. The tragic info flowed rapidly to publications across the board, and pretty soon any music fan’s feed was clogged up with elegies for the lost spiritual brother of every metalhead acquaintance they ever met.

As with all celeb deaths, fans wondered about the details. Slipknot followers have been digging through articles non-stop since Jordison was found dead on July 26th. Furthermore, some fans even seeked out evidence like the 911 call following his death. We did some of our own digging around and here’s what we found.

911 audio

This week, TMZ dropped audio from the 911 call associated with the death of Joey Jordison. The call comes from Jordison’s ex-girlfriend who first found the former Slipknot member dead. The audio is as shocking as the phone call is blunt. Jordison’s ex was expecting the worst.

In the audio obtained by TMZ, you can hear Joey Jordison’s ex-girlfriend speak calmly and ask the officer on the other line for assistance at the home of the former Slipknot member. However, Jordison’s ex didn’t appear to have stumbled directly on her ex’s body.

Calm to break down

In the call, we can hear Jordison’s ex explain her relationship with the former Slipknot member & band founder to the 911 operator. She speaks without tension. She tells the operator she still deals with much of the upkeep at her ex’s house, but she couldn’t get inside without a family member after not being able to get a hold of Jordison.

The ex tells the 911 operator she is at the house of the former Slipknot member and can smell a foul odor outside his doors. She tells them she thinks Jordison is dead on the call. Tragically, after the operator tells Joey’s ex to wait in her car, she breaks down when giving law enforcement Jordison’s date of birth and other details. 

Peaceful passing

Reports say Joey Jordison died in his sleep on July 26th. The Slipknot founding member and former drummer was forty-six years old. The musician’s death made massive waves around the world, as a member of one of the world’s biggest metal bands whose fame brought them to the far reaches of the globe during their career.

Jordison seems to have died peacefully, but the drummer certainly struggled with health issues during his lengthy career. In Rolling Stone’s report on Jordison’s death, the publication pointed out Jordison’s battle with a neurological disease which ultimately caused his leaving Slipknot.

The late drummer is quoted in the article saying, “I got really, really sick with a horrible disease called transverse myelitis; I lost my legs . . . I couldn’t play anymore. It was a form of multiple sclerosis, which I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I got myself back up, and I got myself in the gym and I got myself back in fucking therapy to fucking beat this shit”. Now with Jordison gone, his influence is felt by his peer’s reactions.

Saying goodbye

TMZ caught up with Korn’s Munky (AKA James Shaffer) about the loss of Jordison, whom Shaffer’s band Korn ran in the same circles with. Munky said he was in absolute shock at Jordison’s passing, describing the Slipknot drummer as “such a f*ckin’ warrior”. 

Korn’s Shaffer is just one of many musicians to express their sadness at the loss of Jordison. Loudwire reported Anthrax, Sons of Apollo, Trivium, Hatebreed, Underoath and Fear Factory were among the first bands to react to the tragic loss online.

What’s your favorite Slipknot track? Don’t wait & bleed – drop your favorite in the comments now!

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