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Phil Collins has been suffering from some health issues. Uncover the story and see if he will perform with Genesis again on the band's reunion tour.

Is Phil Collins ill? Will he ever perform again?

The past year hasn’t been without its, (ahem) challenges. As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic rages on and climate change disasters wreak havoc worldwide, bad news is certainly not an uncommon occurrence in 2021. The music world hasn’t been left unscathed, as we’ve gotten news of the passing of some of popular music’s most influential players, from Slipknot’s Joey Jordison to The Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts.

Watching some of our favorite musicians pass on can be like a knife to the heart, and as such, many fans are keeping a close eye on the well-being of the favorite musicians who are still with us. Yet another celebrated drummer has been ripping up headlines last week with news of some serious health problems, having fans praying they won’t lose another great talent this year. 

Rock legend Phil Collins has fallen ill, and music fans around the world are putting all their energy into sending good vibes the way of the celebrated musician. Here’s what we know so far.

Off the kit

CNN reported last Friday that Phil Collins is suffering from health problems. In a shocking headline, the outlet let readers know Collins can ‘barely hold’ drumsticks, painting a chilling picture of the legendary songwriter’s current condition.

The report doesn’t divulge too many details in the specifics of Collins’s health problems, but one thing is certain: Phil Collins can no longer play drums. Collins is known worldwide for many solo hits, including but not limited to “In the Air Tonight”, “Take Me Home”, and “A Groovy Kind of Love”.

Millennials no doubt remember “You’ll Be in My Heart”, along with the slew of other songs the music icon wrote for 1999’s Tarzan. However, Collins got his start drumming & singing in Genesis when the band formed back in 1967. 

Back together

Publications are keeping tabs on Collins’s health because Genesis has gotten back together for a reunion tour, and fans have been wondering if they’ll see Phil Collins behind the drum kit once again. 

Unfortunately, it has been confirmed the icon simply can’t fulfill his former role in Genesis, and the show must go on. However, that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of Phil Collins in Genesis.

Reports say despite his health problems, Phil Collins will join Genesis on their upcoming reunion tour. The seventy year-old rocker will hit the stage with his bandmates, but will only be singing to support them. However, there will still be a Collins on stage banging the drums.

Men of our age

Sources say Phil’s son Nic Collins will drum for Genesis on the tour, and will play with his dad’s bandmates moving forward. About not playing with his son, Phil Collins is quoted saying, “I’d love to but you know, I mean, I can barely hold a stick with this hand. So there are certain physical things that get in the way”. 

Some fans are wondering if they’ll ever see Collins on road behind the drums, or on tour in the future. The rock icon is quoted saying, “We’re all men of our age, and I think to some extent, I think it probably is putting it to bed . . . I think yeah, I think just generally for me, I don’t know if I want to go out on the road anymore”.

We don’t know exactly what has been ailing Phil Collins, but we do know some of his health problems from the past. Reports say the songwriter had back surgery in 2015 which left him with nerve damage, a fall in 2017 that gifted him a cane, and several fractures during the course of his career. 

We don’t know if we’ll see Phil Collins on the road after this upcoming tour, but for now, he’ll be on stage with his son & mates for The Last Domino? Tour ending in December, and spanning the U.S., UK, and Canada.

What’s your favorite Phil Collins song? Let us know in the comments below!

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