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Whether you're losing big or winning even bigger, here are some of the best casino inspired songs for your favorite gambling playlists!

The most loved casino-inspired songs

The casino is so loved and popular that it appears frequently in movies and even inspires musicians to compose great songs. Anything casino related is well received by everyone. Nowadays, besides participating in playing at reputable casinos like Ignition casino, people often choose to search for casino movies to watch or listen to songs revolving around this topic.

The songs about the casino theme are not many and not as diverse in genres as movies, but they all leave an impression on listeners from the first time. So what songs are those? Let’s find out in the article below.

Snake Eyes

casino inspired songs

This is a song from the album Wilder Mind that was loved in 2015. Although it is a song with a slow tempo and sad melody, it has a tender emotional nuance that makes listeners feel like they are enchanted. Snake Eyes is inspired by the number 1, the number represented as a single dot on the dice at casinos, with a deeper meaning of bad luck.

In casinos, this number is the smallest, so if you accidentally turn into this number, the player’s chance of winning seems to be zero. Therefore, Mumford and Sons borrowed this image to describe a sad love story, about relationships and memories with ex-lovers.

Poker Face

casino inspired songs

Poker Face is the song that made the name of Lady Gaga – a singer with strange and unique music taste. Right from the name is enough to make the listener think of casino games. The song is set in Lady Gaga playing famous casino games with the fast tempo of dance-pop music.

The song contains content about love, but in the strong perspective of a girl with personality, borrowing the poker face symbol of the poker game, Lady Gaga completely describes the girl’s feelings when saying goodbye to toxic love. The song Poker Face is one of the most downloaded songs in American music history.

The Rolling Stones

casino inspired songs

Rolling Stones is the next song inspired by the casino, the song alludes to the dice rolling on the casino table, more deeply to refer to the free, carefree man, engrossed in gambling and neglected love, no longer faithful and caring for the person he loves. The song is on the album Exile On Main Street released in the 90s and until now, whenever it comes to casino songs, everyone will immediately think of the sound of this song in their mind.

Viva Las Vegas

casino inspired songs

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is the city of casinos, the most magnificent place visited by millions of tourists who love gambling and playing games like บาคาร่า. The song Viva Las Vegas performed by the world’s most famous vocalist Elvis Presley makes listeners admire every time this song plays. It is so famous that it is invisible to become a song representing the sleepless city of Las Vegas and an introductory song, inviting players to the world of gambling.

Casino-themed songs are few in number, but they all leave an unforgettable impression in the hearts of listeners. If you are also a casino fan, listen to these songs.

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